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Redefining Populism

The interviewee argues that “populism is really not just about criticizing élites or being somehow against the establishment. In fact, any old civics textbook would have told us up until recently that being critical of the powerful is actually a civic virtue” and now there is a sense that “this could actually somehow be dangerous for democracy” (Chotiner 2021).

8 July 2021
Isaac Chotiner
The New Yorker

We Might Have Reached Peak Populism

“Feeling optimistic about the state of American politics is hard….but we can’t forget how much worse things could be right now—and what a major achievement it was for Joe Biden to have defeated Donald Trump. America booted an authoritarian populist from office in a free and fair election at the conclusion of his first term” (Yascha Mounk, 2021).

6 July 2021
Yascha Mounk
The Atlantic

The West Gets Serious With Lukashenko—but Not Serious Enough

“The West must not fall back into its previous pattern of easing up on sanctions after securing a prisoner release—not least because there are still more than 500 political prisoners in Lukashenko’s prisons, according to the Human Rights Center Viasna” (Kobets and Kramer, 2021).

5 July 2021
Vlad Kobets and David J. Kramer
Foreign Policy

China Won’t Bury Us, Either

“It’s a cliché that China’s rise is “unstoppable,”...the corollary is that the world will simply have to acquiesce to its burgeoning list of demands, including its maritime claims to the South China Sea and reunification (if necessary, by force) with Taiwan...but appearances of strength tend to obscure realities of weakness” (Stephens 2021).

4 July 2021
Bret Stephens
The New York Times

Becoming Strong

“China believes that its rise to great-power status entitles it to a new role in world affairs—one that cannot be reconciled with unquestioned U.S. dominance”. Beijing “views Biden’s attempts at isolating China diplomatically as a serious threat and is working on multiple fronts to make the country less vulnerable to U.S. aggression and pressure” (Xuetong 2021).

30 June 2021
Yan Xuetong
Foreign Affairs

China Has Risen.’ And It Is Hungry for Competition.

“The great debate over which system is better hasn’t faded away. In fact, it’s gearing up for another round. But rather than see competition with China as a zero-sum game, the United States could embrace a way of competing that spurs us to make investments in our people that we should have been making all along” (Stockman 2021).

30 June 2021
Farah Stockman
The New York Times

Overcoming Youth Vulnerabilities to Far-Right Narratives

This brief “discusses the opportunities that strategic communication brings as a tool to counteracting violent narratives and achieving resilience among youth and puts forward a number of lessons learned through the implementation of the Find Another Way communications campaign” (Center for the Study of Democracy, 2021).

11 June 2021
Center for the Study of Democracy
Center for the Study of Democracy

When Sanctions Violate Human Rights

This report examines how sanctions can violate human rights, particularly when states employ little transparency, and develops recommendations to prevent against human rights abuses committed through sanctions by nation-states.

11 June 2021
Peter Piatetsky, Julian Vasilkoski
Atlantic Council Geoeconomics Center

The Autocrat’s Legacy

“Even if the united opposition manages to form a government, it faces the arduous task of reversing Hungary’s democratic decline—a process that has seen its institutions undermined, its media curtailed, and its resources exploited by Orbán and his allies. Taking power will be hard, but the de-Orbánization of Hungary will almost certainly be harder” (Yasmeen Serhan, 2021).

5 June 2021
Yasmeen Serhan
The Atlantic

Is America’s Democracy Slipping Away?

“​​We are entering a new era of extreme restriction, of white supremacy and white oligarchy, and Republicans are attempting to maintain power by redefining democracy backward.... back to a time when white people had complete control of the halls of power, the levers of industry and the crafting of narrative” (Charles M. Blow, 2021).

30 May 2021
Charles M. Blow
The New York Times
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