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The Authoritarian Assault on Exiles

“Pratasevich’s arrest represents just the most recent example of a trend toward transnational repression, as authoritarian regimes increasingly seek to apply the brutal tactics they use at home to exiles and members of diasporas elsewhere in the world” (Nate Schenkkan, 2021).

27 May 2021
Nate Schenkkan
The Atlantic

Biden and Moon Are Getting North Korea Wrong

“Mr. Biden’s and Mr. Moon’s approach to the North Korean nuclear crisis is doomed to failure because it effectively places Mr. Kim in charge of nonproliferation negotiations. Thirty years of dealing with the Kim family should have taught us that Pyongyang uses talks only for diplomatic cover in its race to build an ever more powerful arsenal” (Eberstadt 2021).

26 May 2021
Nicholas Eberstadt
The New York Times

How Hacking Became a Professional Service in Russia

“Although Russian law-enforcement bodies periodically mount operations aimed at domestic cybercriminals, they generally turn a blind eye to those who use Russia as a base for infiltrating foreign networks. That is partly a function of legal jurisdiction and investigative wherewithal” (Joshua Yaffa, 2021).

23 May 2021
Joshua Yaffa
The New Yorker

Pivoting to the East

“If a new cold war has in fact begun, it’s not one of liberalism versus authoritarianism, but rather a struggle of former colonies against former colonizers” (Meduza and Maxim Trudolyubov, 2021).

21 May 2021
Maxim Trudolyubov

How Covid-19 is deepening democratic backsliding and geopolitical competition in the Western Balkans

"Several countries in the Western Balkans have responded to the Covid-19 outbreak with draconian measures that entail a further erosion of democracy, writes Natasha Wunsch. She argues the pandemic is shining a spotlight on the impact of geopolitical competition in the Western Balkans, where authoritarian forces are undermining the EU’s democracy promotion efforts." (Wunsch, 2020).

20 May 2021
Natasha Wunsch
London School of Economics

Playing The China Card

“Any effort to lean on the external threat of China as a basis for overcoming domestic divisions at home is unlikely to succeed and likely to harm U.S. interests at home and abroad” (Ryan Hass, 2021).

20 May 2021
Ryan Hass
Noema Magazine

What to Do About Gaza

“The current spasm of violence between Hamas and Israel is following a familiar, tragic pattern that reflects a broken status quo. Devising a viable solution will not be easy, but it is possible with a long-term process based on four principles” (Bildt 2021).

19 May 2021
David Malpass
Project Syndicate

Kremlin’s Anti-Democratic Messaging and Disinformation in Europe

"The continuing rule of law problems and democratic backsliding, the rise of domestic populism and extremism, disruptive social media and technological developments, and authoritarian-state-driven influence operations have undermined democratic governance on the continent. An effective...response to Russian (and other authoritarian-state) disinformation would require an integrated, multi-stakeholder approach based on cooperation among policy-makers, civil society, and European/international institutional actors" (Center for the Study of Democracy, 2021).

18 May 2021
Center for the Study of Democracy

The End of Israel’s Illusion

“The prevailing consensus among Israelis that Palestinian nationalism had been defeated – and thus that a political solution to the conflict was no longer necessary – lies in tatters. And even as the violence escalates, it has become clear to both sides that the era of glorious wars and victories is over” (Ben-Ami 2021).

13 May 2021
Shlomo Ben-Ami
Project Syndicate

The Limits to US-China Climate Cooperation

“The world desperately needs the United States and China to collaborate in addressing climate change, but no one should harbor any illusions. The best to be hoped for is that the two superpowers are disciplined enough to avoid endangering humanity’s survival as they jostle for geopolitical advantage” (Minxin Pei, 2021).

5 May 2021
Minxin Pei
Project Syndicate
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