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Which Past is Prologue?

“Although the damage is difficult to measure, the United States has lost much of its moral authority...will the coming decades bring a new Cold War, with China cast as the Soviet Union and the rest of the world picking sides or trying to find a middle ground?” (Margaret MacMillan, 2020).

2 September 2021
Margaret MacMillian
Foreign Affairs

Mark Zuckerberg is the Most Powerful Unelected Man in America

“Facebook wins in every direction. Its size and power creates instability, the answer to which, according to Facebook, is to give the company additional authority” (Charlie Warzel, 2020).

2 September 2021
Charlie Warzel

Washington's Democracy Dilemma

“A democracy summit is not a democracy strategy. Translating Biden’s rhetorical emphasis on democracy support into a meaningful plank of his foreign policy will require his team to grapple head-on with several thorny dilemmas” (Brown and Carothers, 2021).

23 July 2021
Frances Z. Brown, Thomas Carothers
Foreign Affairs

What Western Society Can Learn From Indigenous Communities

“Like many Indigenous peoples around the world, the Māori have developed their understanding of their environment through close observation of the landscape and its behaviors over the course of many generations. Now the New Zealand Environmental Protection Agency regularly looks for ways to integrate traditional Māori knowledge, or mātauranga, into its decision-making” (Cernansky 2021).

10 July 2021
Rachel Cernansky
The New York Times

Dear progressives: You can’t fight climate change by going soft on China

This article explores how going “soft” on China is not the way that the United States and Progressives should approach climate action on climate change and the environment (Isaac Stone Fish, 2021).

10 July 2021
Isaac Stone Fish
The Washington Post

The Other Side of Angela Merkel

“In an era plagued by erratic and swaggering strongmen like Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Narendra Modi, and Jair Bolsonaro, Merkel provided a model of rational, steadfast leadership... she has undeniably been the de facto leader of the EU. But what kind of leadership has she provided for the European project?” (Matthijs and Kelemen, 2021).

8 July 2021
Matthias Matthijs, R. Daniel Kelemen
Foreign Policy

Redefining Populism

The interviewee argues that “populism is really not just about criticizing élites or being somehow against the establishment. In fact, any old civics textbook would have told us up until recently that being critical of the powerful is actually a civic virtue” and now there is a sense that “this could actually somehow be dangerous for democracy” (Chotiner 2021).

8 July 2021
Isaac Chotiner
The New Yorker

We Might Have Reached Peak Populism

“Feeling optimistic about the state of American politics is hard….but we can’t forget how much worse things could be right now—and what a major achievement it was for Joe Biden to have defeated Donald Trump. America booted an authoritarian populist from office in a free and fair election at the conclusion of his first term” (Yascha Mounk, 2021).

6 July 2021
Yascha Mounk
The Atlantic

Killer Flying Robots Are Here. What Do We Do Now?

“A new generation of AI-enabled drones could be used to terrible ends by rogue states, criminal groups, and psychopaths” (Wadhwa and Salkever, 2021)

4 July 2021
Vivek Wadhwa
Foreign Policy

The Inequality Gap Is All About Equity

“While well-meaning philanthropy may help fill in the cracks, governance aims to fix the system through structural changes that empower and enable a society to move forward instead of backward” (Nathan Gardels, 2021).

1 July 2021
Nathan Gardels
Noema Magazine
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