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The Illiberal Tide

“The “liberal international order” is under severe strain. Although its supporters welcomed the defeat of former U.S. President Donald Trump, the order still faces major challenges from both within and without” (Cooley and Nexon, 2021).

26 March 2021
Alexander Cooley and Daniel H. Nexon
Foreign Affairs

The New Concert of Powers

“Great-power contests over hierarchy and ideology regularly lead to major wars. Averting this outcome requires soberly acknowledging that the Western-led liberal order that emerged after World War II cannot anchor global stability in the twenty-first century. The search is on for a viable and effective way forward” (Haass and Kupchan, 2021).

23 March 2021
Richard N. Haass and Charles A. Kupchan
Foreign Affairs

The U.S. and China Finally Get Real With Each Other

The U.S.-China meeting “would have been a failure if it had resulted in general declarations to cooperate while minimizing competition...organizing the relationship around cooperation is theoretically desirable as an end goal but will be unattainable for the foreseeable future, given the unfolding reality of an assertive, repressive China and a defiant America” (Thomas Wright, 2021).

21 March 2021
Thomas Wright
The Atlantic

Rising to the Challenge of China

“When it comes to China...Mr. Trump was a disastrous leader in so many ways, but he is widely seen as having correctly diagnosed the problem with China, even as he bungled the solution. Mr. Biden, who understands the importance of allies, has a far better chance of getting it right” (Farah Stockman, 2021).

18 March 2021
Farah Stockman
The New York Times

Young Belarusians Dream of Creating a Normal European Country

“Lukashenko proved able to ignore the objections of his people and the international community...the crowds began to winnow, the eyes of the world turned to the next crisis, and the government returned to its policy of savage violence, with opposition supporters beaten to death by goon squads, and leaders kidnapped and threatened with death” (Daniel Polansky, 2021).

11 March 2021
Daniel Polansky
Foreign Policy

Democracy Report 2021. Autocratization Turns Viral

"Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) produces the largest global dataset on democracy with almost 30 million data points for 202 countries from 1789 to 2020." This report details the state of democracy in 2020 and presents data for democratically advancing and declining states around the world and global challenges.

11 March 2021
V-dem Institute

Democracy on the Defense

“With the benefit of hindsight, it is clear that it was naive to expect democracy to spread to all corners of the world. The authoritarian turn of recent years reflects the flaws and failings of democratic systems” (Yascha Mounk, 2021).

11 March 2021
Yascha Mounk
Foreign Affairs

Last Exit from Afghanistan

“Afghanistan presents Joe Biden” with a serious problem. “If he completes the military withdrawal, he will end a seemingly interminable intervention and bring home thousands of troops. But, if he wants the war to be considered anything short of an abject failure, the Afghan state will have to be able to stand on its own” (Dexter Filkins, 2021).

1 March 2021
Dexter Filkins
The New Yorker

Why Is China Still Going After Hong Kong So Hard?

“Why is Beijing still going after Hong Kong so hard when the repression generates pushback from much of the world? One explanation is that there is a gap between China’s national interests and the personal ambitions of its leader, Xi Jinping” (Yi-Zheng Lian, 2021).

1 March 2021
By Yi-Zheng Lian

Why China Favors Democracy Over Dictatorship in Myanmar

“Chinese ambassador to Myanmar, Chen Hai, recently said the current political state was “absolutely not what China wants to see,” with the Chinese United Nations delegation agreeing to a Security Council statement...a recent editorial of the state-owned Global Times even called for the international community “to stabilize Myanmar” (Brian Y. S. Wong, 2021).

26 February 2021
Brian Y.S. Wong
Foreign Policy
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