Hall of Fame

''Democratic Innovators of the 21st Century''

The Award

In partnership with The Apolitical Foundation, the Democracy and Culture Foundation is excited to introduce the first-ever recipients of the "Democratic Innovators of the 21st Century" Politicians' Hall of Fame. This esteemed honour is a celebration of outstanding women and men who have devoted their lives to advancing democracy globally.

The Awardees

In a period marked by shifts, uncertainties, intricacies, challenges, and threats to democracy, these forward-thinking leaders have demonstrated that democracy is a dynamic force, not a fixed concept. These individuals have reenvisioned political systems, harnessed technology to amplify voices, promoted inclusivity in traditionally exclusive spaces, and tirelessly championed transparency and accountability.

The Impact

Through their combined efforts, they have brought us closer to the vision of a democracy that genuinely serves its people, placing them at the core of crafting improved policies for citizens and the planet. It's not just an ideal; it's a tangible daily reality and an inclusive mechanism. Their achievements serve as a reminder that the authority to shape the future isn't solely in the hands of leaders but resides within each and every citizen.

The Award and its results will be presented at the Athens Democracy Forum 2024


Know a political leader who’s updating democracy to give people more power in shaping societies?

Nominations are now open for the second “Democratic Innovators of the 21st Century” Politicians’ Hall of Fame, which we’ll announce at the 12th Athens Democracy Forum with Apolitical Foundation on October 1st. Nominate courageous politicians leading the way.

The deadline for the nominations is on June 14th.

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