The Democracy & Culture Foundation

Our mission

To empower society through citizen engagement and better governance. In this way we contribute to the evolution of democracy to meet today’s challenges.

What we do

We aim to make the Democracy & Culture Foundation the leading global platform for dialogue and solution-oriented activities concerning:

  • The evolution of democracy, civil society, and the media

  • The role of culture as an expression of freedom and individuality in allowing democracy to flourish

How we do it

The Foundation leverages the intellect of original thinkers and powerful decision-makers to identify critical issues on democracy’s evolutionary path, subjects them to intense debate at all societal levels, turns them into specific policy proposals, and works toward their implementation.


We do this through this impact chain:



Our events

Through two anchor events, the Athens Democracy Forum and Art for Tomorrow, and other in-person and virtual events, the Foundation can reach and leverage political, business, civic and philosophy thinkers via the intensive debate of seminars and conferences. Both events will also be expanded (in real and virtual space) to include a sizable audience of university students, young leaders and activists, and other community leaders and members.  We will additionally run other seminars and digital events throughout the year.

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