What we do

We do this by engaging in constructive conversation with experts and citizens to form policy-oriented solutions, and driving forward their implementation to ensure lasting change.

How we do it

We achieve our objectives through this impact chain: 

Conceive new ideas and innovative concepts to produce policy proposals for reform


Engage in constructive dialogue to turn proposals into structured policies


Use grassroots movements and organizations  to persuade decision-makers to implement policies

The Democracy and Culture Foundation Day

We will conduct a Pre-Plenary Day on September 27 during the Athens Democracy Forum, entitled 'Think, Talk, Do.'  The day includes a series of talks, presentations and conversations presenting the work of the Foundation.

View a selection of photographs from 2022, and videos of all of the sessions.

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Curated Library

Our curated library is packed full of knowledge, know-how and best practice in the fields of democracy and culture.