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Putin’s World War Z

The West's core values have long struck fear into the heart of the Russian president, driving him to fashion an entire worldview and self-identity based on the rejection of all things Western. The ultimate reactionary, Putin represents repression of the revolution that would have occurred if not for his wars and propaganda machine.

11 April 2022
Vasyl Cherepanyn

We Are Wasting Time on These Climate Debates. The Next Steps Are Clear.

Rather than getting distracted by distant and likely irreducible uncertainties, let’s focus on what matters: deploying clean technologies we know we need, implementing a coherent climate policy, laying the groundwork for future progress and creating a just transition that shares the benefits of a sustainable energy system.

10 April 2022
John Bistline, Inês Azevedo, Chris Bataille, Steven Davis

Can Liberalism Thrive Without a Wolf at the Door?

The idea that Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine would be a restorative tonic for Western liberalism, touted hopefully in the first few weeks of war, has taken sharp blows in recent days.

9 April 2022
Ross Douthat

Globalization Is Over. The Global Culture Wars Have Begun.

What we call “the West” is not an ethnic designation or an elitist country club. The heroes of Ukraine are showing that at its best, it is a moral accomplishment, and unlike its rivals, it aspires to extend dignity, human rights and self-determination to all. That’s worth reforming and working on and defending and sharing in the decades ahead.

8 April 2022
David Brooks

Macron’s Vision for European Autonomy Crashed and Burned in Ukraine

Five years ago, French President Emmanuel Macron was elected on the promise of revitalizing the European Union with new vigor and vision.. Instead of leading Europe, as he had undoubtedly hoped to do, Macron has ceded the field to others. Russia’s war has laid bare his deep-rooted strategic misconception of Europe as strategically autonomous.

8 April 2022
Bart M. J. Szewczyk

Why Orbán Won Again

Hungary’s general election showed that voters are willing to back a leader who violates European norms if it serves their economic interests. The challenge for Viktor Orbán’s opponents is to devise economic and social policies that attract not only the growing middle class but also those left behind by Orbán’s agenda.

5 April 2022
Dorottya Szikra, Mitchel A. Orentein
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