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Ukrainian heritage is under threat – and so is the truth about Soviet-era Russia

Shelling is destroying buildings and art, while archivists scan documents around the clock for fear of Russian ‘archivocide’

15 March 2022
Anna Reid

The Intellectual Catastrophe of Vladimir Putin

The calamity that has taken place has been, then, an intellectual calamity first of all. It is a monstrous failure of the Russian imagination. And the monstrous failure has brought about the very collapse into barbarism and the danger to the ever-fragile Russian state that Putin thought he was trying to avoid.

13 March 2022
Paul Berman

Vladimir Putin and the Risk of World War III

After receiving a green light from Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his war in Ukraine in an effort to reclaim the old Russian empire. But both leaders appear to have misjudged the situation, raising the prospect of a global catastrophe – unless they are removed from power.

11 March 2022
George Soros

Nothing Scares Putin More Than Informed Russians

The Russian anti-war movement is powered by information, so Putin is attacking independent media.

10 March 2022
John Nichols

China’s Ukraine Dilemma

While Beijing has declined to condemn Russia, the government has little interest in sticking its neck out for Putin.

9 March 2022
Han Zhang

How the Putin Shock Might Affect the World Economy

Overall, the Russian shock to the world economy will be nasty, but probably not all that nasty. If Putin imagines that he can hold the world to ransom, well, that’s probably yet another fatal miscalculation.

8 March 2022
Paul Krugman

The Strategy That Can Defeat Putin

The U.S.-led coalition of liberal-democratic states should pursue three objectives. Vigorous and imaginative military support to Ukrainian regular and irregular forces; sanctions that will hobble the Russian economy; and construction of a militarily powerful European alliance.

7 March 2022
Eliot A. Cohen

Why Sanctions Too Often Fail

The West has mobilized vast economic weaponry against Russia. But sanctions do not always produce meaningful or timely change.

7 March 2022
Robin Wright

Boris Johnson: 6 Steps the West Must Take to Help Ukraine Right Now

It is no longer enough to express warm platitudes about the rules-based international order. We are going to have to actively defend it against a sustained attempt to rewrite the rules by force and other tools, such as economic coercion.

4 March 2022
Boris Johnson

It’s time to ask: what would a Ukraine-Russia peace deal look like?

If the Russians are ever to withdraw, then a diplomatic agreement on the terms of withdrawal will be necessary. So what should the demands be?

4 March 2022
Anatol Lieven
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