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Nothing Scares Putin More Than Informed Russians

The Russian anti-war movement is powered by information, so Putin is attacking independent media.

10 March 2022
John Nichols

How Academic Freedom Ends

“Across Hong Kong’s universities, eight of which are publicly funded, worries are growing over the lengths authorities will go to in their breakneck campaign to root out opposition voices and instill mainland-China-style controls” (Timothy McLaughlin, 2021).

6 June 2021
Timothy McLaughlin
The Atlantic

Why Are So Many of My Fellow Health Workers Unvaccinated?

The author faces “a new challenge at home and at my job, helping lead the pandemic response for New York City’s public hospitals: vaccine hesitancy, especially among health care workers” (Syra Madad, 2021).

27 May 2021
Syra Madad
The New York Times

Teenagers Are Struggling, and It’s Not Just Lockdown

“While many experts believe that the reason adolescents are struggling today is that they’re away from friends and school, a closer look at the research of the biggest threats to the well-being of today’s teenagers is not social isolation but something else — the pressure to achieve” (Emily Esfahani Smith, 2021).

4 May 2021
Emily Esfahani Smith
The New York Times

Reimagining Education for All in Africa

"At current rates, about 20% of children in Sub-Saharan Africa will still be excluded from schooling in 2030. But, besides seeking to expand access to education, policymakers should contextualize, simplify, and democratize school curricula and teaching methods." (Nshemereirwe, 2021)

30 April 2021
Connie Nshemereirwe
Project Syndicate

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on technocrats replacing Africa’s kleptocrats

“Instead of trying to work around governments, the aid agencies, foundations and companies operating in Africa could partner with the public sector and commit funds annually to improve the education and training of young Africans and mid-career professionals to improve government effectiveness” (Ellen Johnson Sirfleaf, 2020).

7 December 2020
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
The Economist

A Human and Constitutional Right to a Quality Public Education: Looking Ahead in the Struggle for the Rights of Teachers, Parents, and Students

The authors use the Declaration of Human Rights and the U.S. Constitution as a lens through which they examine how to ensure quality education and labor protections as fundamental human rights, why ensuring those rights is necessary, and how these protections can bring change and justice to classrooms.

11 October 2019
Victor Narro, Janna Shaddunk-Hernández
Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, UCLA

Education for Preventing Violent Extremism

This report “presents key recommendations, challenges, actionable solutions, and practical examples for policymakers to implement appropriate educational approaches to preventing violent extremism (PVE) in the formal education setting” and “seeks to integrate informal education” and suggest ways “the formal education sector and informal education overlap” (Club de Madrid, 2019).

11 October 2019
Club de Madrid
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