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Doing Democracy During the Pandemic

“Social distancing laws, curfews, and track-and-trace technologies employed in the context of the COVID-19 crisis have been used to harass, detain, or sanction human-rights defenders and other activists in countries around the world. But that hasn't stopped the global wave of protests from continuing to build” (Lara Wodke, 2020).

31 December 2021
Lara Wodtke
Project Syndicate

Electoral Choice in Multidimensional Party Systems

The authors find that “by factoring in the measurement of issue dimensions, economic issues have a stronger impact than recognized using previous methodologies, with more modest cultural influences on voting. Moreover, there are significant cross-over effects of the two cleavages in voters’ choices” (Berning and Dalton, 2021).

11 October 2021
Carl C. Berning, Russell J. Dalton
Jack W. Peltason Center for the Study of Democracy, University of California, Irvine

The Uses of Sanctions in Foreign Policy: Nicaragua’s Elections 2021

"Feinberg, professor at the University of California, San Diego, and former official in the White House and State and Treasury Departments, argues that the Biden administration and others in the international community face an urgent decision: “With a rational appraisal of [their] limited leverage, how far can they push [President Daniel] Ortega to yield some of his advantages?” (Feinberg, 2021).

11 October 2021
Dr. Richard E. Feinberg
Wilson Center

Participation vs representation: Councillor attitudes towards citizen engagement

"Using a survey of local councillors, this research explores how their awareness and perceptions of citizen participation is affected by political party or political situation. This includes a councillor's personal partisan identity, but also the political balance of the council. The survey identified partisan and structural factors that shape the perceptions of local representatives of citizen participation" (Parsons and Rumbul, 2021).

11 October 2021
Alex Parsons, Rebecca Rumbul
My Society, Public Square

World Report 2021

"World Report 2021, Human Rights Watch’s 31st annual review of human rights practices and trends around the globe, reviews developments in more than 100 countries" (Human Rights Watch, 2021).

11 October 2021
Human Rights Watch

Politicians should take citizens’ assemblies seriously

“Citizens’ assemblies are often promoted as a way to reverse the decline in trust in democracy, which has been precipitous in most of the developed world over the past decade or so...politicians, a common complaint runs, have no understanding of, or interest in, the lives and concerns of ordinary people. Citizens’ assemblies can help remedy that” (Leaders, 2020).

19 September 2021
The Economist

Washington's Democracy Dilemma

“A democracy summit is not a democracy strategy. Translating Biden’s rhetorical emphasis on democracy support into a meaningful plank of his foreign policy will require his team to grapple head-on with several thorny dilemmas” (Brown and Carothers, 2021).

23 July 2021
Frances Z. Brown, Thomas Carothers
Foreign Affairs

New Report On Covid-19 And Democracy Calls For Urgent Measures By Governments And Civil Society

A new report, ‘Global Democracy and COVID-19: Upgrading International Support’, highlights how some governments are using the public health crisis to further curtail democratic activities and provides recommendations for policymakers and civil society to counteract the negative impacts of Covid-19 on democracy.

15 July 2021
Richard Youngs, Carnegie Europe, Elene Panchulidze
European Endowment for Democracy International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA)

The Other Side of Angela Merkel

“In an era plagued by erratic and swaggering strongmen like Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Narendra Modi, and Jair Bolsonaro, Merkel provided a model of rational, steadfast leadership... she has undeniably been the de facto leader of the EU. But what kind of leadership has she provided for the European project?” (Matthijs and Kelemen, 2021).

9 July 2021
Matthias Matthijs, R. Daniel Kelemen
Foreign Policy

Nuclear Energy Will Not Be the Solution to Climate Change

“Advocates hope that this renewed focus on nuclear energy will yield technological progress and lower costs. But when it comes to averting the imminent effects of climate change, even the cutting edge of nuclear technology will prove to be too little, too late” (Macfarlane 2021).

8 July 2021
Allison Macfarlane
Foreign Affairs
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