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Train the Police to Keep the Peace, Not Turn a Profit

A Times investigation sheds light on an unjust practice.

20 November 2021

Europe Made a Deadly Bargain With Autocrats. Here’s What Happened.

The chaos at the Belarus-Poland border is partly of the European Union’s making.

19 November 2021
Charlotte McDonald-Gibson

The Supply-Chain Crisis Is a Labor Crisis

Governments around the world have failed transport workers. But it’s not too late to help them.

17 November 2021
Guy Platten

7 Charts That Explain the Economic Recovery So Far

“But if policymakers hold steady, we are also on the verge of creating a foundation for a more inclusive, resilient recovery — much more robust than what we experienced after the Great Recession, despite having suffered a much bigger jobs hit” (Julia Cornado, 2021).

1 July 2021
Julia Coronado
The New York Times

Becoming Strong

“China believes that its rise to great-power status entitles it to a new role in world affairs—one that cannot be reconciled with unquestioned U.S. dominance”. Beijing “views Biden’s attempts at isolating China diplomatically as a serious threat and is working on multiple fronts to make the country less vulnerable to U.S. aggression and pressure” (Xuetong 2021).

30 June 2021
Yan Xuetong
Foreign Affairs

Biden’s “Build Back Better World” Is an Empty Competitor to China

“China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been depicted as a modern-day Marshall Plan, a mega infrastructure project, or a masterplan to take over the world. But in reality, the BRI is nothing more than a branding strategy for China’s overseas investments and foreign policy—and one whose projects on the ground haven’t been particularly successful” (Brinzan 2021).

29 June 2021
Andreea Brinza
Foreign Policy

Biden Is Back, but America Isn’t

“China's leaders clearly understand the critical importance of trade linkages to their country's global clout. Unfortunately, US President Joe Biden's administration needs to relearn that lesson” (Bilt 2021).

21 June 2021
Carl Bildt
Project Syndicate

What Is the Point of the Olympics?

“Tokyo in 2021 surely doesn’t need the Olympic Games. And yet, even during a pandemic, the Olympic army marches on, upholding its only ideal: making enormous amounts of money for itself, for sponsors, for property developers, and sometimes for corrupt politicians” (Buruma 2021).

10 June 2021
Ian Buruma
Project Syndicate

The Rise of Shareholder Politics

“Traditional corporate-finance models are based on the premise that what shareholders want is to maximize stock value. Pressing companies to take action on various public-interest at odds with this premise. Why would supposedly profit-maximizing investors concern themselves with social, environmental, or ethical matters?” (Roberto Tallarita, 2021).

6 June 2021
Roberto Tallarita
The Atlantic

Krugman Wonks Out: Do Hiring Headaches Imply a Labor Shortage?

“Two things are clear about the U.S. economy right now. It’s growing very fast, and adding jobs at a rapid clip; but the pace of job creation is being crimped, at least a bit, because employers are having a hard time finding as many workers as they want to hire” (Krugman 2021).

3 June 2021
Paul Krugman
The New York Times
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