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Putin’s World War Z

The West's core values have long struck fear into the heart of the Russian president, driving him to fashion an entire worldview and self-identity based on the rejection of all things Western. The ultimate reactionary, Putin represents repression of the revolution that would have occurred if not for his wars and propaganda machine.

11 April 2022
Vasyl Cherepanyn

Can Liberalism Thrive Without a Wolf at the Door?

The idea that Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine would be a restorative tonic for Western liberalism, touted hopefully in the first few weeks of war, has taken sharp blows in recent days.

9 April 2022
Ross Douthat

Why Orbán Won Again

Hungary’s general election showed that voters are willing to back a leader who violates European norms if it serves their economic interests. The challenge for Viktor Orbán’s opponents is to devise economic and social policies that attract not only the growing middle class but also those left behind by Orbán’s agenda.

5 April 2022
Dorottya Szikra, Mitchel A. Orentein

The Enemies of Liberalism Are Showing Us What It Really Means

Liberalism needs a healthier relationship to time. Can the past become a foreign country without those who still live there being turned into foreigners in their own land? If the future is to be unmapped, then how do we persuade those who fear it, or mistrust us, to agree to venture into its wilds?

3 April 2022
Ezra Klein

Putin Knows What He’s Doing With Ukraine’s Refugees. This Is the World’s Big Test.

As the world enters a period of greater instability, its leaders can no longer ignore the need for a coordinated and humane response to all of those fleeing war and other desperate circumstances.

1 April 2022
The Editorial Board

Why The World Needs China To Be Pragmatic Again

To pragmatists in Beijing, brokering peace in Ukraine presents a rare opportunity for China to repair its deteriorating relationship with the U.S. and Europe.

30 March 2022
Yuen Yuen Ang

Putin and the Myths of Western Decadence

He next time something like this happens, America might not lead an effective alliance of democracies, because we ourselves will have given up on democratic values.

28 March 2022
Paul Krugman

Putin Is Just Following the Manual

No one can read Vladimir Putin’s mind. But we can read the book that foretells the Russian leader’s imperialist foreign policy. Mikhail Yuriev’s 2006 utopian novel, The Third Empire: Russia as It Ought to Be, anticipates—with astonishing precision—Russia’s strategy of hybrid war and its recent military campaigns.

26 March 2022
Dina Khapaeva

War Is The Child Of Siloed Rivals

It should not be so surprising that the first major war in Europe in nearly 80 years has followed so soon along the path toward deglobalization and the decoupling of interdependence sparked by the populist backlash in the West and the rise of autocratic nationalism in Russia and China

25 March 2022
Nathan Gardels

What’s the Likelihood of Nuclear War?

The Ukraine crisis isn’t as dangerous as the darkest moments of the Cold War, but the potential for mistakes and miscalculations means the risks are still high.

23 March 2022
Uri Friedman
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