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Putin Is Repeating the USSR’s Mistakes

Putin's nostalgic desire to effectively re-create the Soviet Union (without its global ideological rationale, since he stands only for autocracy and Russian power), if necessary by force, appears to be leading Russia toward war.

24 February 2022
James Hershberg

No Justification for a Brazen Invasion

To answer Mr. Biden’s anguished question, nobody and nothing have given Mr. Putin the right to seize territory or decide the fate of neighboring nations. The consequences of his aggression will be terrible for Ukraine and painful for the West

23 February 2022
Editorial Board

Why Ukraine Matters

From a cold, realist perspective, there’s perhaps an argument for abandoning Ukraine. But the bond that the president and State Department have with Ukraine isn’t cold. The object of Putin’s desire isn’t an abstraction to them. At core, they understand that it’s Ukraine, not The Ukraine. The country’s fate is, in some sense, our own.

17 February 2022
Franklin Foer

The Other Threat to Democracy

Writing in the second century BC, the Greek historian Polybius described a process that is all too familiar today. Politicians use cheap gifts and seductive talk to attract voters who don’t appreciate their freedom, because they have never experienced the abuses or repression of non-democratic governance.

2 February 2022
Federico Fubini

Has the West fallen for Putin’s tricks in Ukraine?

Russia wants to see Nato rolled back – and Ukraine is far from its only pawn in the game. The West has been fixated for more than two months on Russian preparations to mount a new land invasion of Ukraine. Except, it hasn’t happened – and it’s not likely to happen, at least in the form that’s most commonly imagined.

25 January 2022
Keir Giles

Bring Back the Free World

At some point in the last 30 years, the concept of the “free world” fell out of favor. But we urgently need to restore the concept to its former place, both for its clarifying power and its moral force.

25 January 2022
Bret Stephens

Stop Panicking About Ukraine—and Putin

The evidence so far points to Russia looking toward talks, not invasion. The initial reaction was set off by Russia’s movement of military assets within the Southern and Western military districts. The movements did not even represent a serious addition of forces to these command areas but a repositioning of different assets.

24 January 2022
Jeff Hawn

Asia's Emissions-Reduction Plan for the World

By significantly shortening the life of Asia’s coal-fired power plants, the new Energy Transition Mechanism will unlock new investment in sustainable and renewable sources of power. This model will help to solve the region’s climate challenges, and can potentially be scaled and exported around the world.

19 January 2022

In an era of right wing populism, we cannot destroy democracy in order to save it?

Democracy isn’t an institution – it’s a practice that becomes stronger through use. The key to defeating Trump lies in mobilising ordinary people to articulate their real needs

18 January 2022
Jeff Sparrow

How Democracy Can Defeat Autocracy

The conventional wisdom these days is that autocracy is ascendant and democracy is on the decline. But the superficial appeal of the rise-of-autocracy thesis belies a more complex reality—and a bleaker future for autocrats

13 January 2022
Kenneth Roth
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