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A Messy Financial Divorce for the US and China

“Even as official financial decoupling progresses, US and other financial firms are – with China’s blessing – building asset management, securities, life insurance, fintech, and custody businesses in the Chinese market. Should President-elect Joe Biden's administration support this process or double down on decoupling? (George Magnus, 2021).

30 December 2021
George Magnus
Project Syndicate

Whose Post-Pandemic Century?

“After almost a year of living under the cloud of the pandemic, it is clear that even poor Asian countries managed COVID-19 far better than the United States and Europe. But whether 2020 thus marked the beginning of a new "Asian Century" still remains to be seen” (Bill Emmott, 2020)

29 December 2021
Bill Emmott
Project Syndicate

The Missing Link in Economic Development

“Like the proverbial man with a hammer who sees every problem as a nail, economists study the world through the lens of incentives, and have developed a rich understanding of how market participants make decisions. But although incentives are important, developing countries must do more than institute the right ones” (Ricardo Hausmann, 2020).

29 December 2021
Richardo Haussmann
Project Syndicate

Which Past is Prologue?

“Although the damage is difficult to measure, the United States has lost much of its moral authority...will the coming decades bring a new Cold War, with China cast as the Soviet Union and the rest of the world picking sides or trying to find a middle ground?” (Margaret MacMillan, 2020).

3 September 2021
Margaret MacMillian
Foreign Affairs

Washington's Democracy Dilemma

“A democracy summit is not a democracy strategy. Translating Biden’s rhetorical emphasis on democracy support into a meaningful plank of his foreign policy will require his team to grapple head-on with several thorny dilemmas” (Brown and Carothers, 2021).

23 July 2021
Frances Z. Brown, Thomas Carothers
Foreign Affairs

Dear progressives: You can’t fight climate change by going soft on China

This article explores how going “soft” on China is not the way that the United States and Progressives should approach climate action on climate change and the environment (Isaac Stone Fish, 2021).

10 July 2021
Isaac Stone Fish
The Washington Post

Nuclear Energy Will Not Be the Solution to Climate Change

“Advocates hope that this renewed focus on nuclear energy will yield technological progress and lower costs. But when it comes to averting the imminent effects of climate change, even the cutting edge of nuclear technology will prove to be too little, too late” (Macfarlane 2021).

8 July 2021
Allison Macfarlane
Foreign Affairs

The West Gets Serious With Lukashenko—but Not Serious Enough

“The West must not fall back into its previous pattern of easing up on sanctions after securing a prisoner release—not least because there are still more than 500 political prisoners in Lukashenko’s prisons, according to the Human Rights Center Viasna” (Kobets and Kramer, 2021).

6 July 2021
Vlad Kobets and David J. Kramer
Foreign Policy

Europe Needs to Clean Up at Home Before Pushing a Green Agenda Abroad

“This generation’s challenge will be reconciling the competing priorities and divergent economic realities of the developed and developing worlds—a challenge that could define the future of the climate crisis” (Magassy 2021).

5 July 2021
Muhammed Magassy
Foreign Policy

China Won’t Bury Us, Either

“It’s a cliché that China’s rise is “unstoppable,”...the corollary is that the world will simply have to acquiesce to its burgeoning list of demands, including its maritime claims to the South China Sea and reunification (if necessary, by force) with Taiwan...but appearances of strength tend to obscure realities of weakness” (Stephens 2021).

5 July 2021
Bret Stephens
The New York Times
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