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We Are Wasting Time on These Climate Debates. The Next Steps Are Clear.

Rather than getting distracted by distant and likely irreducible uncertainties, let’s focus on what matters: deploying clean technologies we know we need, implementing a coherent climate policy, laying the groundwork for future progress and creating a just transition that shares the benefits of a sustainable energy system.

10 April 2022
John Bistline, Inês Azevedo, Chris Bataille, Steven Davis

Why The World Needs China To Be Pragmatic Again

To pragmatists in Beijing, brokering peace in Ukraine presents a rare opportunity for China to repair its deteriorating relationship with the U.S. and Europe.

30 March 2022
Yuen Yuen Ang

For India, Putin’s War Starts to Look Like a Gift

From cheap Russian oil to sudden overtures from China, India’s neutral stance on Ukraine has many benefits.

30 March 2022
C. Raja Mohan

China’s Ukraine Dilemma

While Beijing has declined to condemn Russia, the government has little interest in sticking its neck out for Putin.

9 March 2022
Han Zhang

The West must now look outward and inward

The divide between the Global North and the Global South has now been shown to be conceptually naïve, economically unreliable, and politically dangerous. Democracy is now more in danger in the places where it is practiced than in regions that have hardly known it at all. It is now imperative that intellectual effort and material resources be urgently re-allocated to buttress democracy at home. This is the pre-eminent lesson to be drawn from the Ukraine fait accompli

1 March 2022
Anthony Kefalas

Russia already is destabilizing Latin American democracy — without military might

Although the threat of Russian military bases in Latin America may be seen as bluster, the reality is that Putin does not need them to exert his damaging influence in the region. He has long taken advantage of regional political dynamics to destabilize what Russia considers an American “sphere of influence.”

24 February 2022
Carlos Vecchio

How to Break the Cycle of Conflict With Russia

Pluralism works inside a country when there are institutions and rules that govern competition among divergent interests. In post-Soviet Eurasia, there is a lot of geopolitical competition, but no agreed-upon institutions or rules to govern that competition. Until Russia, the United States, Europe, and the states stuck in between them reach a consensus on a revised regional order, post-Soviet Eurasia will remain a source of instability and conflict.

7 February 2022
Samuel Charap

Asia's Emissions-Reduction Plan for the World

By significantly shortening the life of Asia’s coal-fired power plants, the new Energy Transition Mechanism will unlock new investment in sustainable and renewable sources of power. This model will help to solve the region’s climate challenges, and can potentially be scaled and exported around the world.

19 January 2022

Putin to Ukraine: ‘Marry Me or I'll Kill You’

The last thing that Putin wants is a thriving Ukraine that joins the European Union and develops its people and economy beyond Putin’s underperforming, autocratic Russia. He wants Ukraine to fail, the E.U. to fracture and America to have Donald Trump as president for life so we'll be in permanent chaos. He’s rather pathetic — but also armed and dangerous.

18 January 2022
Thomas L. Friedman
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