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Neoliberalism wrecked our chance to fix the climate crisis – and leftwing statements of faith have changed nothing

Atmospheric carbon does not care about culture war. Neither should we

17 November 2021
Jeff Sparrow

Democratic Source Code for a New U.S.-EU Tech Alliance

“The pandemic has fueled data processing in contact-tracing apps; exposed vulnerabilities in supply chains; created new dependencies in classrooms and boardrooms on video communications technologies; and powered a spike in anti-vaxxer disinformation, QAnon conspiracy theories and radicalization” (Marietje Schaake and Tyson Barker, 2020).

24 November 2020
Marietje Schaake, Tyson Barker

Cooperative Cooperation is Possible Between China and the U.S.

Regarding China and the U.S., “each side must accurately assess the other’s intentions. China does not want to replace U.S. dominance in the world. Nor does China need to worry about the United States changing China’s would be a tragedy...if two countries of such power moved toward confrontation” (Fu Ying, 2020).

24 November 2020
Fu Ying

International Institutions Still Matter to the US

“With less preponderance and facing a more complex world, the United States must exercise power with as well as over others, and use its soft power to attract their cooperation. To do that, the US will have to rediscover the importance of the institutions Donald Trump's administration abandoned” (Joseph S. Nye, Jr., 2020).

9 November 2020
Joseph R. Nye
Project Syndicate

How Trump Lowered America’s Standing in the World

“The values of liberty, democracy, freedom of expression and the rule of law for which the United States has stood, albeit with conspicuous failings, over the postwar decades have been abandoned….the United States has become a values-free international actor under a president who has led a values-free life” (Roger Cohen, 2020).

29 October 2020
Roger Cohen

How America Escapes Its Conspiracy Theory Crisis

“​​Since entering politics, Trump has trafficked in conspiracy theories for political gain. Where other conspiracy theorists might demonize racial or religious groups, however, he focuses on the government he leads. Through social media and the bully pulpit, he has persuaded many Americans to take the same view” (David Rohde, 2020).

29 October 2020
David Rohde
The New Yorker
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