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Social Media, News Consumption, and Polarization: Evidence from a Field Experiment

The authors demonstrate that “exposure to pro-attitudinal news increases affective polarization compared to counter-attitudinal news”, yet shows that “individuals are not easily persuaded by the political leaning of their news exposure”, thus suggesting a “ long-term increase in affective polarization, without an equivalent change in political opinions (Mason 2015)”.

11 October 2021
Ro'ee Levy
Institute for Social and Policy Studies, Yale University

America’s Tech Billionaires Could Help Protect the Election. If They Wanted To.

“This is a debate about...whether Americans should use the moment to pressure power...for a favorable outcome for democracy or whether its more important to use the moment to dismantle and decenter power... given all the possible ways America’s elites could help secure a free and fair election, few have stepped up” (Charlie Warzel, 2020).

22 September 2021
Charlie Warzel

Facebook Has Been a Disaster for the World

“​​Facebook has been incredibly lucrative for its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, who ranks among the wealthiest men in the world. But it’s been a disaster for the world itself, a powerful vector for paranoia, propaganda and conspiracy-theorizing as well as authoritarian crackdowns and vicious attacks on the free press. Wherever it goes, chaos and destabilization follow” (Jamelle Bouie, 2020).

18 September 2021
Jamelle Bouie

Mark Zuckerberg is the Most Powerful Unelected Man in America

“Facebook wins in every direction. Its size and power creates instability, the answer to which, according to Facebook, is to give the company additional authority” (Charlie Warzel, 2020).

3 September 2021
Charlie Warzel

Let’s Make Google a Public Good

This article makes the case that as “a public utility, Google search would have to give others a better shot. Those searching would get results that are not skewed to Google, and the marketplace would be a bit more competitive” (Dave Yost, 2021).

7 July 2021
Dave Yost
The New York Times

Killer Flying Robots Are Here. What Do We Do Now?

“A new generation of AI-enabled drones could be used to terrible ends by rogue states, criminal groups, and psychopaths” (Wadhwa and Salkever, 2021)

5 July 2021
Vivek Wadhwa
Foreign Policy

Why U.S. Drone Strikes Are at an All-Time Low

“U.S. Drone Strikes Are at an All-Time Low. The shift comes as the White House seeks to downgrade the threat of global terrorism after 20 years of “forever wars”” (Hirsh 2021).

1 July 2021
Michael Hirsh
Foreign Policy

The Internet Is Rotting

The “absence of central control, or...central monitoring, has long been celebrated as an instrument of grassroots democracy and freedom...but more recently, these features have been understood to facilitate vectors for individual harassment and societal destabilization, with no easy gating points through which to remove or label malicious work...or to quickly identify their sources” (Jonathan Zittrain, 2021).

30 June 2021
Jonathan Zittrain
The Atlantic

Planetary Politics From Inside The Prison-House Of Language

“The thing that supposedly makes us human is actually bacterial in origin and is actually related to agriculture and what we eat. And so the distinction between humans and nature is, at present, because of technical innovation and discovery, unclear. It cannot easily be maintained” (Gilman and Rees, 2021).

15 June 2021
Nis Gilman- Tobias Rees
Noema Magazine

The Terrible Cost of Mark Zuckerberg’s Naïveté

“No one can turn the clock back on what Mr. Zuckerberg has wrought by indulging Mr. Trump, who never met a Facebook regulation he did not desecrate. The attack on the Capitol...should have been no surprise to anyone who was connecting the dots, which Mr. Zuckerberg stubbornly declined to do until now” (Swisher 2021).

4 June 2021
Kara Swisher
The New York Times
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