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I’ve Dealt With Foreign Cyberattacks. America Isn’t Ready for What’s Coming.

Russia’s war on Ukraine might be that “future emergency.” If we don’t want to have to worry about Russian hackers contaminating our drinking water every time we turn on the faucet, now is the time to rethink our approach.

4 March 2022
Glenn S. Gerstell

Can We Get Smarter About Disinformation?

Over the past five or so years, “disinformation” has become a catchall explanation for what ails the US. Social media has certainly changed nearly every facet of our lives, but it’s difficult to see any streamlined narrative in the daily chaos of the information that’s presented to us every time we pick up our phones.

14 February 2022
Jay Caspian Kang

The Myth of Tech Exceptionalism

How tech uses the promise of endless innovation to ward off regulating even its present-day harms.

10 February 2022
Yael Eisenstat and Nils Gilman

Big Tech Must Stop Hiding

A major reason why Big Tech firms have achieved such scale and become the gatekeepers to entire markets is that they have been able to obscure most of their financial and operating data. There are obvious steps that regulators can take to close the reporting loopholes that the industry has been exploiting.

31 January 2022
Mariana Mazzucato, Ilan Strauss

I Worked at Facebook. It’s Not Ready for This Year’s Election Wave.

The world is not ready for the coming electoral tsunami. Neither is Facebook. With so many elections on the horizon — France, Kenya, Australia, Brazil, the Philippines and the United States will hold elections this year — the conversation now should focus on how Facebook is preparing.

29 January 2022
Katie Harbath

We Might Be in a Simulation. How Much Should That Worry Us?

The mingling of physical and digital reality has already thrown society into an epistemological crisis — a situation where different people believe different versions of reality based on the digital communities in which they congregate. How would we deal with this situation in a far more realistic digital world?

26 January 2022
Farhad Manjoo

Will Robots Really Destroy the Future of Work?

Some people on the political right love robots and hate labor unions. Some people on the political left are the opposite: They hate robots and love labor unions. Then there’s David Autor, a labor economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He loves both.

24 January 2022
Peter Coy
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