He was charged to set up an independent entity, The Democracy & Culture Foundation, with a mission to not only make these conferences more consequential but, significantly, develop alliances with other organizations to turn solutions into action.  

The events remain strongly linked with The New York Times through a licensing agreement, and with current and former senior NYT journalists crafting and developing the agenda and moderating the events.


The Athens Democracy Forum (then conceived by The New York Times) was first run in 2013


Art for Tomorrow (then run by The New York Times) launched in 2015


The Democracy and Culture Foundation was founded as a legal entity in February 2019

In 2019 we decided, for the future growth and development of these conferences, to form a non-profit structure around them and take them out of the commercial structure of The New York Times conference division

The Democracy and Culture Foundation was formed to empower society through citizen engagement and better governance


The Board of Governors was formed in September 2020

The Foundation's work is overseen by a Board of Governors, which sets overall policy and objectives, establishes the Foundation’s set of ethical values and ensures that objectives are met

The Leadership Council was formed in December 2020

The Leadership Council acts as the body of last appeal, takes the lead in funding for the Foundation, gives strategic advice and safeguards ethical standards.

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We work with a number of select leading institutions to achieve our goals. 

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