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We’ve Entered a New Phase of the Pandemic. It’s Time for New Metrics.

New guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for community masking are a welcome change. They are reasonable, well-timed and consistent with the science that needs to be guiding the United States’ pandemic response. They also mark a turning point for how people, institutions and governments should respond to the coronavirus.

25 February 2022
Ashish Jha

Russia already is destabilizing Latin American democracy — without military might

Although the threat of Russian military bases in Latin America may be seen as bluster, the reality is that Putin does not need them to exert his damaging influence in the region. He has long taken advantage of regional political dynamics to destabilize what Russia considers an American “sphere of influence.”

24 February 2022
Carlos Vecchio

Putin Is Repeating the USSR’s Mistakes

Putin's nostalgic desire to effectively re-create the Soviet Union (without its global ideological rationale, since he stands only for autocracy and Russian power), if necessary by force, appears to be leading Russia toward war.

24 February 2022
James Hershberg

No Justification for a Brazen Invasion

To answer Mr. Biden’s anguished question, nobody and nothing have given Mr. Putin the right to seize territory or decide the fate of neighboring nations. The consequences of his aggression will be terrible for Ukraine and painful for the West

23 February 2022
Editorial Board

This Is Putin’s War. But America and NATO Aren’t Innocent Bystanders.

This is Putin’s war. He’s a bad leader for Russia and its neighbors. But America and NATO are not just innocent bystanders in his evolution.

21 February 2022
Thomas L. Friedman

The European Union can now get tough with miscreant members. Will it?

Faced with creeping autocracy, Europe’s highest court has rendered a landmark ruling, along with a warning, intended mainly for Hungary and Poland: By flouting democratic norms, your economies might face a massive and potentially crippling loss of subsidies from your European partners.

20 February 2022
Editorial Board

Don’t Cede the Space Race to China and the Billionaires

Exploration and the pursuit of knowledge, have always paid dividends in the long run — usually far greater than anything expected at the outset. Why bother? This is why.

18 February 2022
Jeff Shesol

Why Ukraine Matters

From a cold, realist perspective, there’s perhaps an argument for abandoning Ukraine. But the bond that the president and State Department have with Ukraine isn’t cold. The object of Putin’s desire isn’t an abstraction to them. At core, they understand that it’s Ukraine, not The Ukraine. The country’s fate is, in some sense, our own.

17 February 2022
Franklin Foer

Measuring Poverty Properly

The gap between rich and poor continues to widen around the world, but governments cannot provide the necessary resources to raise living standards without accurate measures of the scope of the problem. The Multidimensional Poverty Index offers policymakers an essential tool for building an adequate safety net.

15 February 2022
Nurul Izzah Anwar

Can We Get Smarter About Disinformation?

Over the past five or so years, “disinformation” has become a catchall explanation for what ails the US. Social media has certainly changed nearly every facet of our lives, but it’s difficult to see any streamlined narrative in the daily chaos of the information that’s presented to us every time we pick up our phones.

14 February 2022
Jay Caspian Kang
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