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The Rest of the World Is Worried About America

“It has been a cheering development to watch more and more Democrats realize that they actually need to fight for democracy….In that way, Republicans perceive the threat correctly: A country that is far closer to being truly democratic, where the unpopularity of their ideas would expose them to punishing electoral consequences” (Klein 2021).

1 July 2021
Ezra Klein
The New York Times

The Internet Is Rotting

The “absence of central control, or...central monitoring, has long been celebrated as an instrument of grassroots democracy and freedom...but more recently, these features have been understood to facilitate vectors for individual harassment and societal destabilization, with no easy gating points through which to remove or label malicious work...or to quickly identify their sources” (Jonathan Zittrain, 2021).

30 June 2021
Jonathan Zittrain
The Atlantic

China Has Risen.’ And It Is Hungry for Competition.

“The great debate over which system is better hasn’t faded away. In fact, it’s gearing up for another round. But rather than see competition with China as a zero-sum game, the United States could embrace a way of competing that spurs us to make investments in our people that we should have been making all along” (Stockman 2021).

30 June 2021
Farah Stockman
The New York Times

I Wrote About This Environmental Injustice Decades Ago. It Hasn’t Changed.

“Discrimination in housing forced Black and brown people into areas near polluting industries that threatened their health and safety and continue to do so….The consequences have been devastating” (Bullard 2021).

29 June 2021
Robert Bullard
The New York Times

Biden’s “Build Back Better World” Is an Empty Competitor to China

“China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been depicted as a modern-day Marshall Plan, a mega infrastructure project, or a masterplan to take over the world. But in reality, the BRI is nothing more than a branding strategy for China’s overseas investments and foreign policy—and one whose projects on the ground haven’t been particularly successful” (Brinzan 2021).

29 June 2021
Andreea Brinza
Foreign Policy

The New Racism Won’t Solve the Old Racism

Three cases are “all variations of the same basic debate between newfangled equity and old-fashioned equality — between those” who seek “antiracist discrimination” to remedy past forms of racial discrimination, and those who... think we can stop discrimination on the basis of race without discriminating on the basis of race” (Stephens 2021)

28 June 2021
Bret Stephens
The New York Times

The End of Globalization as We Know It

“​​The tension between the unprecedented need for global collective action and a growing aspiration to rebuild political communities behind national borders is a defining challenge for today’s policymakers. And it is currently unclear whether they can reconcile the two agendas” (Pisani-Ferry 2021).

28 June 2021
Jean Pisani- Ferry
Project Syndicate

The Geopolitics of Empathy

An important lesson in geopolitics is “ do this does not require agreeing with their view; it is about grasping how others see a situation and understanding why they are acting as they’s harder to persuade a rival to alter its behavior if you don’t understand its origins” (Stephen M. Walt, 2021).

27 June 2021
Stephen M. Walt
Foreign Policy

What Progressives Want, and What Conservatives Are Fighting

“The debate over how American schools should teach about race and racial history has reached a curious juncture, in which it’s becoming hard to tell what the argument is about. On the one hand you have conservative state lawmakers taking aim at progressive ideas with scattershot legislation” vs progressives “denying that they are interested in anything radical” (Douthat 2021).

26 June 2021
Ross Douthat
The New York Times

Where Did the Coronavirus Come From? What We Already Know Is Troubling.

“While the Chinese government’s obstruction may keep us from knowing for sure whether the virus, SARS-CoV-2, came from the wild directly or through a lab in Wuhan or if genetic experimentation was involved, what we know already is troubling” (Tufekci 2021).

25 June 2021
Zeynep Tufekci
The New York Times
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