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Don’t Cede the Space Race to China and the Billionaires

Exploration and the pursuit of knowledge, have always paid dividends in the long run — usually far greater than anything expected at the outset. Why bother? This is why.

18 February 2022
Jeff Shesol

Why Ukraine Matters

From a cold, realist perspective, there’s perhaps an argument for abandoning Ukraine. But the bond that the president and State Department have with Ukraine isn’t cold. The object of Putin’s desire isn’t an abstraction to them. At core, they understand that it’s Ukraine, not The Ukraine. The country’s fate is, in some sense, our own.

17 February 2022
Franklin Foer

Measuring Poverty Properly

The gap between rich and poor continues to widen around the world, but governments cannot provide the necessary resources to raise living standards without accurate measures of the scope of the problem. The Multidimensional Poverty Index offers policymakers an essential tool for building an adequate safety net.

15 February 2022
Nurul Izzah Anwar

Can We Get Smarter About Disinformation?

Over the past five or so years, “disinformation” has become a catchall explanation for what ails the US. Social media has certainly changed nearly every facet of our lives, but it’s difficult to see any streamlined narrative in the daily chaos of the information that’s presented to us every time we pick up our phones.

14 February 2022
Jay Caspian Kang

How Boric’s new social contract in Chile can succeed

By introducing principles of fiscal progressivity into its new constitution, Chile can end the vicious cycle of inequality. If he wants to keep his promise and negotiate a new social contract, the 36-year-old president-elect will have to tackle reforming taxation.

13 February 2022
Ricardo Martner

Yuval Noah Harari argues that what’s at stake in Ukraine is the direction of human history

At the heart of the Ukraine crisis lies a fundamental question about the nature of history and the nature of humanity: is change possible? Can humans change the way they behave, or does history repeat itself endlessly, with humans forever condemned to re-enact past tragedies without changing anything except the décor?

11 February 2022
Yuval Noah Harari

The Myth of Tech Exceptionalism

How tech uses the promise of endless innovation to ward off regulating even its present-day harms.

10 February 2022
Yael Eisenstat and Nils Gilman

The Fight for Democracy Will Be a Long, Long Haul

Almost every tactic the mostly white abolitionists used derived from methods that Black organizers tried first. But one lesson emerges loudly from history: Neither Black nor white Americans could have done it alone.

8 February 2022
Linda Hirshman

How to Break the Cycle of Conflict With Russia

Pluralism works inside a country when there are institutions and rules that govern competition among divergent interests. In post-Soviet Eurasia, there is a lot of geopolitical competition, but no agreed-upon institutions or rules to govern that competition. Until Russia, the United States, Europe, and the states stuck in between them reach a consensus on a revised regional order, post-Soviet Eurasia will remain a source of instability and conflict.

7 February 2022
Samuel Charap

How Facebook Fuels Religious Violence

Facebook, as well as other social media platforms looking to expand globally, must make curbing hate speech abroad a higher priority. It’s time for the company to adopt a meaningful and well-resourced approach to moderating hate speech—one that focuses on enfranchisement and safety.

4 February 2022
Mubashar Hasan, Geoffrey Macdonald, and Hui Hui Ooi
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