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The Supply-Chain Crisis Is a Labor Crisis

Governments around the world have failed transport workers. But it’s not too late to help them.

17 November 2021
Guy Platten

Let’s Make Google a Public Good

This article makes the case that as “a public utility, Google search would have to give others a better shot. Those searching would get results that are not skewed to Google, and the marketplace would be a bit more competitive” (Dave Yost, 2021).

6 July 2021
Dave Yost
The New York Times

Securing Supplies: How to Prevent Another Covid-19 Breakdown

According to AEI,, “the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the vulnerability of global supply chains during crises”, and it is impossible for any contemporary liberal democracy to build “all its needs domestically.” The report highlights that “governments must work with the private sector to exercise crisis scenarios”. (AEI, June 2021).

11 June 2021
Elisabeth Braw
American Enterprise Institute

Silicon Valley's Thin Skin''s and Giant Egos

“From allegations that Bill Gates had been coming on to Microsoft employees to the $22.5 million settlement of a gender discrimination suit against Pinterest, women in Silicon Valley are speaking out against what is still a male-dominated culture” (“Sway” Podcast, 2021).

6 June 2021
Produced by ‘Sway’
The New York Times

The Rise of Shareholder Politics

“Traditional corporate-finance models are based on the premise that what shareholders want is to maximize stock value. Pressing companies to take action on various public-interest at odds with this premise. Why would supposedly profit-maximizing investors concern themselves with social, environmental, or ethical matters?” (Roberto Tallarita, 2021).

6 June 2021
Roberto Tallarita
The Atlantic

Krugman Wonks Out: Do Hiring Headaches Imply a Labor Shortage?

“Two things are clear about the U.S. economy right now. It’s growing very fast, and adding jobs at a rapid clip; but the pace of job creation is being crimped, at least a bit, because employers are having a hard time finding as many workers as they want to hire” (Krugman 2021).

3 June 2021
Paul Krugman
The New York Times

Capitalism Doesn't Have to Be That Way

“Today’s paramount form of capitalism is not the only possible variant, nor was the volatile, boom-and-bust, panic-prone one that prevailed for most of two centuries through the Great Depression. An alternative form of capitalism placed a higher value on social stability than on the pursuit of more” (Zachary Karabell, 2021)

21 May 2021
Zachary Karabell
The Atlantic

A Different Way of Thinking About Cancel Culture

“Cancellations — defined here as actually losing your job or your livelihood — occur when an employee’s speech infraction generates public attention that threatens an employer’s profits, influence or reputation. This isn’t an issue of “wokeness,”’s driven by economics” (Ezra Klein, 2021).

18 April 2021
Ezra Klein
The New York Times

Build Back the State

“In promising to "build back better" from the pandemic, US President Joe Biden has certainly struck the right note. But to succeed, he will need to forge a new social contract, drawing on the lessons of a previous era when the US state led a program that is still paying economic dividends” (Mazzucato 2021).

15 April 2021
Mariana Mazzucato

America Needs to Empower Workers Again

“The political environment that gave anti-union employers a free hand may be changing — the decline of unionization was, above all, political, not a necessary consequence of a changing economy. And America needs a union revival if we’re to have any hope of reversing spiraling inequality” (Paul Krugman, 2021).

12 April 2021
Paul Krugman
The New York Times
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