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The Geopolitics of Empathy

An important lesson in geopolitics is “ do this does not require agreeing with their view; it is about grasping how others see a situation and understanding why they are acting as they’s harder to persuade a rival to alter its behavior if you don’t understand its origins” (Stephen M. Walt, 2021).

27 June 2021
Stephen M. Walt
Foreign Policy

What Progressives Want, and What Conservatives Are Fighting

“The debate over how American schools should teach about race and racial history has reached a curious juncture, in which it’s becoming hard to tell what the argument is about. On the one hand you have conservative state lawmakers taking aim at progressive ideas with scattershot legislation” vs progressives “denying that they are interested in anything radical” (Douthat 2021).

26 June 2021
Ross Douthat
The New York Times

Where Did the Coronavirus Come From? What We Already Know Is Troubling.

“While the Chinese government’s obstruction may keep us from knowing for sure whether the virus, SARS-CoV-2, came from the wild directly or through a lab in Wuhan or if genetic experimentation was involved, what we know already is troubling” (Tufekci 2021).

25 June 2021
Zeynep Tufekci
The New York Times

Who Controls The Past Controls The Future

“Who Controls The Past Controls The Future. Even as the academic discipline of history is in crisis, public concern about historical memory has reached a fever pitch” (Gilman 2021).

25 June 2021
Nis Gilman
Noema Magazine

India Drops a Bombshell

India is “abolishing its centuries-old Ordnance Factory Board. That won’t fix the problems that plague its military equipment” (Sumit Ganguly, 2021).

24 June 2021
Sumit Ganguly
Foreign Policy

The Pandemic Proves Only Technocrats Can Save Us

“In technocracies, competence, public spirit, and key performance indicators are more important than cults of personality or popularity contests. Populist dilettantes...mocked the experts...their megalomaniacal hijacking of the state in times of crisis serves as a stark reminder that when it’s a matter of life and death, we’d better trust the technocrats” (Parag Khanna, 2021).

24 June 2021
Parag Khanna
Foreign Policy

Biden Is Back, but America Isn’t

“China's leaders clearly understand the critical importance of trade linkages to their country's global clout. Unfortunately, US President Joe Biden's administration needs to relearn that lesson” (Bilt 2021).

21 June 2021
Carl Bildt
Project Syndicate

Can Biden Reverse Trump’s Damage to the State Department?

“Reeling from the leadership of Rex Tillerson and Mike Pompeo, career officials wonder whether Secretary of State Antony Blinken can revitalize American diplomacy” (Ronan Farrow, 2021).

17 June 2021
Ronan Farrow
The New Yorker

We Don’t Need the G7

The G7’s “recent summit in Cornwall should be its last. Political leaders need to stop devoting their energy to an exercise that is unrepresentative of today’s global economy and results in a near-complete disconnect between stated aims and the means adopted to achieve them” (Jeffrey D. Sachs, 2021).

16 June 2021
Jeffrey D. Sachs
Project Syndicate

Planetary Politics From Inside The Prison-House Of Language

“The thing that supposedly makes us human is actually bacterial in origin and is actually related to agriculture and what we eat. And so the distinction between humans and nature is, at present, because of technical innovation and discovery, unclear. It cannot easily be maintained” (Gilman and Rees, 2021).

15 June 2021
Nis Gilman- Tobias Rees
Noema Magazine
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