The “Democracy Catching up with Technology” project examines how recent technological developments impact democracy (its working and institutions) and suggests policies that meet the challenge posed.

The overall approach is based on a methodology which incorporates elements of deliberative democracy:

  • Four issues were debated at a series of expert roundtables, and policy recommendations were developed following these discussions;

  • These recommendations were “stress-tested” at a series of citizens’ panels;

  • Final policy recommendations were presented and debated at the Democracy & Culture Foundation Day at the Athens Democracy Forum on September 29, 2021, where specific action plans will be developed on to next steps.


1.A   Expert round-table discussions

We ran a series of experts’ round-table discussions to explore four key issues in depth.  These were:

The Role of Disinformation in Shaping the Democratic Discourse – curated by the Bertelsmann Foundation
Open Data and AI: a Citizen and Human Centric Approach - curated by Microsoft
Deploying an Open Innovation Platform for Greece: 5G - curated by Ericsson
The Greek Digital Experience - curated by the Ministry of Digital Governance

Speakers and participants includes representatives from Amazon, Berggruen Institute, Bertelsmann Foundation, Bosch Foundation, EBRD, E.U., Kofi Annan Foundation, Ericsson, Facebook, Google, Luminate Group, McKinsey & Co, UNDEF and the Ministry for Digital Governance.

1.B   Citizens’ Panels

Following on from the experts’ round-table discussions, we deployed a series of Citizens’ Panels comprising of around 25 people. 

Led by a curator, the aim of each panel was to “stress-test” the recommendations developed at the roundtables. The suggestions made were taken into consideration for the final policy proposal, presented at the DCF day at the Athens Democracy Forum on September 29, 2021.

Watch the sessions focused on the Technology Project from the DCF Day here.


Democracy Catching up with Technology is with the participation of Hellenic Republic Ministry of Digital Governance.

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