Ines Saltiel

Co-founder, Teens for Democracy

Ines Saltiel is a 17-year-old teen rights activist. She contends that involving teenagers in decision-making, especially at a local level strengthens democracy. 

Ines has been fighting for teenagers' seats at the table since the age of 14. As the co-founder of "Teens for Democracy," she organises the annual Teens Athens Democracy Forum to bridge the gap between decision-makers and teenagers. Collaborating with AcadeMe+ she created digital democracy lessons accessible to over 4000 schools. 

Ines has earned a junior research fellow position at the Centre of International and European Political Economy and Governance, University of Peloponnese. This summer, Ines concluded her research paper entitled:  "From Schoolyards to Government: A Comparative Analysis of the Positive Effect of Teenager Participation in Local Governance." This publication delves into her two-year study of city councils in Greece and Sweden, examining the influence of teenage engagement in public discourse, specifically on the issue of climate action.

Beyond her academic interests, Ines actively participates in grassroots movements, and has spoken at numerous international conferences, debates, workshops, and TEDx events. She has also been honoured with the Yale Book Award. 

Ines believes that art brings pathos to the world of politics. This led her to direct and create a recorded theatrical performance showcasing stories of displacement from her family history, and refugee women from the network ‘Melissa’. Combining the power of contemporary dance and storytelling she brings these stories to life. 

By professionally performing voiceovers since she was seven years old, Ines is harnessing her vocal prowess and passion for the arts to amplify her message. Fluent in Greek and English, Ines has learned Spanish, Chinese and Hebrew. 

Having visited 34 countries, Ines believes in the value of listening to unfamiliar voices for growth and understanding.

Ines Saltiel