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Great Protocol Politics

The 21st century doesn’t belong to China, the United States, or Silicon Valley. It belongs to the internet.

Boris Johnson and the Virtue of Accountability

A central advantage of genuinely democratic societies is that their leaders cannot get away indefinitely with bad, corrupt, or self-serving behavior. At long last, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson now…

The Conservative Central Banker Returns

The European Central Bank and the US Federal Reserve’s new monetary-policy strategies now look like a case of adapting the general staff manual to fight the last war. The recent sharp increase in…

What Tech Futurists Get Wrong About Human Autonomy

A specter is haunting our technological imaginaries: the specter of autonomy. The problem is that we can’t quite decide from what or for whom.

When Democracy Gets Old

Beyond a respect for basic democratic processes and values, one thing that the world's democracies share is that they are all skewing older. Insofar as this trend leaves them more risk-averse and…

What Biden’s Democracy Summit Is Missing

Democracy as it was envisioned was never about real people power. That’s what needs to change.

Why Isn't Washington Merry?

With yet another new viral strain threatening the recovery, US President Joe Biden's honeymoon period is long over, as evidenced by his falling approval ratings. But, in fact, morale is declining on…

The Dark Side Of Meritocracy

What began as a principle that seemed to offer an alternative to inequality has become instead a justification for inequality.

Europe's Time to Shine

The European Union has long been a prime-mover in environmental and climate policy, as demonstrated by a series of major initiatives launched in recent years. But whether the EU can serve as a global…

Fossil Fuel’s Downfall Could Be America’s Too

How U.S. polluters might drag the country’s economy down with them.