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World Report 2019

"World Report 2019 is Human Rights Watch’s 29th annual review of human rights practices around the globe. It summarizes key human rights issues in more than 100 countries and territories worldwide,…

World Report 2021

"World Report 2021, Human Rights Watch’s 31st annual review of human rights practices and trends around the globe, reviews developments in more than 100 countries" (Human Rights Watch, 2021).

China’s Algorithms of Repression

“This report provides a detailed description and analysis of a mobile app that police and other officials use to communicate with the Integrated Joint Operations Platform” to determine “the kinds of…

The Persecution of Ahmed Mansoor

How the United Arab Emirates Silenced its Most Famous Human Rights Activist. (Human Rights Watch, 2021).

"They Burn Through Everything” The Human Cost of Incendiary Weapons and the Limits of International Law

"This report aims to refocus the debate on incendiary weapons by highlighting the horrific human cost of their use. A humanitarian approach more appropriately frames the issue in terms of human…

“Whoever Finds the Vaccine Must Share It” Strengthening Human Rights and Transparency Around Covid-19 Vaccines

Strengthening Human Rights and Transparency around Covid-19 Vaccines. (Human Rights Watch, 2020).

New Weapons, Proven Precedent. Elements of and Models for a Treaty on Killer Robots

Fully autonomous weapons would usher in a new era of armed conflict. Also known as lethal autonomous weapons systems or “killer robots,” these systems would select and engage targets without…

Living in Chains Shackling of People with Psychosocial Disabilities Worldwide

"Around the world, hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children with mental health conditions have been shackled—chained or locked in confined spaces—at least once in their lives" (HRW, 2020).

What Democracy Looks Like. Protecting Voting Rights in the US during the Covid-19 Pandemic

"This report examines changes made by election officials during the 2020 primaries in Arizona, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Wisconsin and their impact on voters against international human…

“They Have Robbed Me of My Life” Xenophobic Violence Against Non-Nationals in South Africa

This report details xenophobic Violence against Non-Nationals in South Africa.