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What Tech Futurists Get Wrong About Human Autonomy

A specter is haunting our technological imaginaries: the specter of autonomy. The problem is that we can’t quite decide from what or for whom.

Long Live Participatory Socialism!

I used to believe socialism was a failed idea. But then capitalism went too far. Now, I believe we need a socialism that is decentralized, federal and democratic, ecological, multiracial and feminist.

The Dark Side Of Meritocracy

What began as a principle that seemed to offer an alternative to inequality has become instead a justification for inequality.

The Spiritual Space Of Rus Vs. NATO

The Ukraine conflict is as much about a clash of civilizations as security. A messy arrangement to be sure, but better than the illusion that war can settle a battle over spiritual space.

The Faustian Temptation

Whereas Enlightenment thinkers had faith in the linear progress of the human mind, attaining higher states of thinking and behavior may in fact depend in part on extreme events. But this is a far cry…

Empowering Healthy, Resilient Hometowns

Mitigating and adapting to climate change require good urban planning, particularly climate-sensitive design. But, despite the need for rapid action, cities like Freetown, the capital of Sierra…

Global Democracy by Design?

US President Joe Biden should be applauded for taking the lead on reinvigorating democracy worldwide. But foiling dictators requires not only good intentions but also a strategy based on sound…

Break the Vaccine Monopolies Now

During the HIV/AIDS epidemic a generation ago, African countries were priced out of lifesaving drugs by pharmaceutical firms that prioritized profits over lives. If rich countries had learned the…

The Real Crisis of Global Order

Neither of the historical routes to the ideological victory of liberalism seems likely. This means that liberal democracies really do need to assume that they will not retake the catbird seat of the…

Is Strategic Cooperation with China Possible?

From climate change and rising inequality to the pandemic and the digital revolution, there is ample common ground for rival powers to pursue mutually beneficial forms of collaboration.…