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Participation vs representation: Councillor attitudes towards citizen engagement

"Using a survey of local councillors, this research explores how their awareness and perceptions of citizen participation is affected by political party or political situation. This includes a…

The Uses of Sanctions in Foreign Policy: Nicaragua’s Elections 2021

"Feinberg, professor at the University of California, San Diego, and former official in the White House and State and Treasury Departments, argues that the Biden administration and others in the…

Social Media, News Consumption, and Polarization: Evidence from a Field Experiment

The authors demonstrate that “exposure to pro-attitudinal news increases affective polarization compared to counter-attitudinal news”, yet shows that “individuals are not easily persuaded by the…

Advancing Universal Representation A Toolkit for Advocates, Organizers, Legal Service Providers, and Policymakers

“This fact sheet provides a summary of insights and tools that are explored in more detail in Advancing Universal Representation: Module 2—Building the Movement by the Vera Institute of Justice,…

Election Watch for the Digital Age

"Election Watch for the Digital Age is a new research initiative investigating the interplay between digital platforms and election integrity — and confirming that the internet can be used to disrupt…

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