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Once Europe’s liberal hope, Macron is now prey to France’s toxic populism

Racist contenders are stirring Islamophobic fears in their rush to take the presidency. France’s political and media culture exacerbates the problems.

Chaos and Opportunism in Kazakhstan

In the space of less than a week, mass protests over a fuel-price increase have escalated into a chaotic battle involving both regional and domestic political forces – some well known, others…

Erdogan’s End Game

In recent years, however, Erdogan’s authoritarian populism has lost its magic. Will He Undermine Turkish Democracy to Stay in Power?

The Human Factor

How Robert Jervis Reshaped Our Understanding of International Politics

What Putin Really Wants

In recent years, Mr. Putin has successfully revived Russia’s tradition of one-man rule by amending the Constitution, rewriting history and clamping down on the opposition. Now he seeks to provide the…

America's Democratic Future

Notwithstanding the lasting shock of the January 6, 2021, attack of the US Capitol, the Democratic Party can take comfort in the broader demographic trends. Not only was the 2020 presidential…

A World of Mounting Disarray

From climate change to public health to geopolitical rivalry and the security of cyberspace, the gap between global challenges and responses is large and growing. And the resources needed to turn…

Why Democrats Are So Bad at Defending Democracy

When it comes to elections, the Republican Party operates within a carapace of lies. So we rely on the Democrats to preserve our system of government. The problem is that Democrats live within their…

How To Make Voting More Truly Representative

We can innovate local elections to more intimately and accurately capture the political will of everyday folks. On the cutting edge of voting rights, these mechanisms will emphasize the most…

From corruption to the ‘mark of the beast’ – why countries like Malawi are struggling against Covid

With 80% of pandemic funds misused and widespread vaccine myths, citizens have had to step up where government has failed