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Killer Flying Robots Are Here. What Do We Do Now?

“A new generation of AI-enabled drones could be used to terrible ends by rogue states, criminal groups, and psychopaths” (Wadhwa and Salkever, 2021)

China Won’t Bury Us, Either

“It’s a cliché that China’s rise is “unstoppable,”...the corollary is that the world will simply have to acquiesce to its burgeoning list of demands, including its maritime claims to the South China…

7 Charts That Explain the Economic Recovery So Far

“But if policymakers hold steady, we are also on the verge of creating a foundation for a more inclusive, resilient recovery — much more robust than what we experienced after the Great Recession,…

The Inequality Gap Is All About Equity

“While well-meaning philanthropy may help fill in the cracks, governance aims to fix the system through structural changes that empower and enable a society to move forward instead of backward”…

The Rest of the World Is Worried About America

“It has been a cheering development to watch more and more Democrats realize that they actually need to fight for democracy….In that way, Republicans perceive the threat correctly: A country that is…

Only China Can End Brazil’s Climate Crisis

“Only China Can End Brazil’s Climate Crisis. Deforestation is devastating the Amazon, but Beijing has the political and economic leverage to stop it” (Tahtinen).

Why U.S. Drone Strikes Are at an All-Time Low

“U.S. Drone Strikes Are at an All-Time Low. The shift comes as the White House seeks to downgrade the threat of global terrorism after 20 years of “forever wars”” (Hirsh 2021).

India Looks West

“A hostile China and the looming US withdrawal from Afghanistan have forced India to rethink its regional strategy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has thus sought to improve relations with…

Becoming Strong

“China believes that its rise to great-power status entitles it to a new role in world affairs—one that cannot be reconciled with unquestioned U.S. dominance”. Beijing “views Biden’s attempts at…

China Has Risen.’ And It Is Hungry for Competition.

“The great debate over which system is better hasn’t faded away. In fact, it’s gearing up for another round. But rather than see competition with China as a zero-sum game, the United States could…

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