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Macron’s Vision for European Autonomy Crashed and Burned in Ukraine

Five years ago, French President Emmanuel Macron was elected on the promise of revitalizing the European Union with new vigor and vision.. Instead of leading Europe, as he had undoubtedly hoped to…

Why Orbán Won Again

Hungary’s general election showed that voters are willing to back a leader who violates European norms if it serves their economic interests. The challenge for Viktor Orbán’s opponents is to devise…

The Enemies of Liberalism Are Showing Us What It Really Means

Liberalism needs a healthier relationship to time. Can the past become a foreign country without those who still live there being turned into foreigners in their own land? If the future is to be…

Putin Knows What He’s Doing With Ukraine’s Refugees. This Is the World’s Big Test.

As the world enters a period of greater instability, its leaders can no longer ignore the need for a coordinated and humane response to all of those fleeing war and other desperate circumstances.

Why The World Needs China To Be Pragmatic Again

To pragmatists in Beijing, brokering peace in Ukraine presents a rare opportunity for China to repair its deteriorating relationship with the U.S. and Europe.

For India, Putin’s War Starts to Look Like a Gift

From cheap Russian oil to sudden overtures from China, India’s neutral stance on Ukraine has many benefits.

Putin and the Myths of Western Decadence

He next time something like this happens, America might not lead an effective alliance of democracies, because we ourselves will have given up on democratic values.

Mainstream media have failed to notice their own disinformation issue

Mainstream media have failed to notice their own disinformation issue

Putin Is Just Following the Manual

No one can read Vladimir Putin’s mind. But we can read the book that foretells the Russian leader’s imperialist foreign policy. Mikhail Yuriev’s 2006 utopian novel, The Third Empire: Russia as It…

War Is The Child Of Siloed Rivals

It should not be so surprising that the first major war in Europe in nearly 80 years has followed so soon along the path toward deglobalization and the decoupling of interdependence sparked by the…