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The Guardian view on vaccine justice: what the world needs now

While some in the west are triple-dosed, the vast majority of health workers in Africa remain unprotected. Gestures won’t close the gulf.

There’s a brutal conflict in Ethiopia. My family there ask: why does no one hear us?

People in Tigray are crying out for the world’s help, as war has left them starving and fearing for their lives.

Is Sudan the Next Libya?

Whereas the conflict in Libya has done little to erode stability in the Maghreb, a war in Sudan would upend a precarious regional order in the Horn of Africa. To prevent such an outcome, the U.S.…

Confronting the Kremlin's New Hybrid War in Europe

With the Kremlin intent on dividing and weakening the European Union, and now probing for vulnerabilities, Western powers must come together and issue a forceful response. History has shown that…

The Supply-Chain Crisis Is a Labor Crisis

Governments around the world have failed transport workers. But it’s not too late to help them.

Europe Made a Deadly Bargain With Autocrats. Here’s What Happened.

The chaos at the Belarus-Poland border is partly of the European Union’s making.

Economists and Epidemiologists Need to Get Along

A new project tries to bring the bickering sides together.

Train the Police to Keep the Peace, Not Turn a Profit

A Times investigation sheds light on an unjust practice.

Just Because You Don’t Believe in Conspiracy Theories Doesn’t Mean You’re Always Right

From the Salem witch trials to the Astroworld disaster, conspiracy theories and reformist narratives have battled for dominance in the American consciousness.