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Why Do We Ignore How the Other Half Lives?

Confined to our own bubbles, we are less informed about people who lead entirely different cultural, social and political lives.

13 December 2021
Jane Coaston

Spending as if the Future Matters

Public investment, including spending on children, is a worthy American tradition.

23 November 2021
Paul Krugman

Advancing Universal Representation A Toolkit for Advocates, Organizers, Legal Service Providers, and Policymakers

“This fact sheet provides a summary of insights and tools that are explored in more detail in Advancing Universal Representation: Module 2—Building the Movement by the Vera Institute of Justice, National Immigration Law Center, and Center for Popular Democracy” (Center for Popular Democracy, 2021).

11 October 2021
The Center of Popular Democracy, National Immigration Center, Vera Institute of Justice

‘I Live Like an American Here!’

“The “freedom to be free,” as Hannah Arendt put it, is a privilege that, globally, very few have the pleasure to enjoy: The world is full of people who are economically advanced, but politically repressed. That’s why it’s vital to make a renewed case for human rights” (Jochen Bittner, 2020).

22 September 2021
Jochen Bittner

Reform the Police? Guess Who Funds My State's Officials

“But in the end, even here, it was essentially business as usual in a State Capitol where police unions have long wielded enormous power. The measures that passed this year were either noncontroversial or so diluted as to have little if any immediate impact” (Miriam Pawel, 2020).

9 September 2021
Miriam Pawel

The Age of Zombie Democracies

More and more autocrats are “forced to rely on ever starker forms of repression: they still hold periodic elections...but they do not even pretend that these empty rituals are free or fair. The result has been the proliferation of what might be called “zombie democracies”—the living dead of electoral political systems” (Kenneth Roth, 2021).

28 July 2021
Kenneth Roth
Foreign Affairs

I Wrote About This Environmental Injustice Decades Ago. It Hasn’t Changed.

“Discrimination in housing forced Black and brown people into areas near polluting industries that threatened their health and safety and continue to do so….The consequences have been devastating” (Bullard 2021).

29 June 2021
Robert Bullard
The New York Times

The New Racism Won’t Solve the Old Racism

Three cases are “all variations of the same basic debate between newfangled equity and old-fashioned equality — between those” who seek “antiracist discrimination” to remedy past forms of racial discrimination, and those who... think we can stop discrimination on the basis of race without discriminating on the basis of race” (Stephens 2021)

28 June 2021
Bret Stephens
The New York Times

What Progressives Want, and What Conservatives Are Fighting

“The debate over how American schools should teach about race and racial history has reached a curious juncture, in which it’s becoming hard to tell what the argument is about. On the one hand you have conservative state lawmakers taking aim at progressive ideas with scattershot legislation” vs progressives “denying that they are interested in anything radical” (Douthat 2021).

26 June 2021
Ross Douthat
The New York Times

The Long Shadow of the Future

“We’re living through a real-time natural experiment on a global scale. The differential performance of countries, cities and regions in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic is a live test of the effectiveness, capacity and legitimacy of governments, leaders and social contracts” (Steven Weber and Nils Gilman, 2020).

10 June 2021
Steven Weber and Nils Gilman
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