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How To Be An Anti-Anti-Racist

After “activism fueled by police killings of unarmed Black men, scholars and activists...and a cottage industry of diversity, equity and inclusion consultants led an accelerating anti-racism movement. But we are now witnessing the gradual unraveling of that movement as a way to address the very real problems of racial inequality in America” (John Torpey, 2021).

8 June 2021
John Torpey
Noema Magazine

Silicon Valley's Thin Skin''s and Giant Egos

“From allegations that Bill Gates had been coming on to Microsoft employees to the $22.5 million settlement of a gender discrimination suit against Pinterest, women in Silicon Valley are speaking out against what is still a male-dominated culture” (“Sway” Podcast, 2021).

7 June 2021
Produced by ‘Sway’
The New York Times

The Authoritarian Assault on Exiles

“Pratasevich’s arrest represents just the most recent example of a trend toward transnational repression, as authoritarian regimes increasingly seek to apply the brutal tactics they use at home to exiles and members of diasporas elsewhere in the world” (Nate Schenkkan, 2021).

27 May 2021
Nate Schenkkan
The Atlantic

How to design anti-discrimination policies that actually work

“In constantly tweaking their diversity training in the hope of finding something that does, police departments struggle with a higher-stakes version of a problem confronting many American institutions” (The Economist, 2021).

22 May 2021
The Economist

Pivoting to the East

“If a new cold war has in fact begun, it’s not one of liberalism versus authoritarianism, but rather a struggle of former colonies against former colonizers” (Meduza and Maxim Trudolyubov, 2021).

21 May 2021
Maxim Trudolyubov

What to Do About Gaza

“The current spasm of violence between Hamas and Israel is following a familiar, tragic pattern that reflects a broken status quo. Devising a viable solution will not be easy, but it is possible with a long-term process based on four principles” (Bildt 2021).

19 May 2021
David Malpass
Project Syndicate

Israel’s Real Existential Threat

“For Israelis to form a shared civic identity, Jews need to fulfill Israel’s founding promise to grant full equality to all citizens and reassure Arabs that “Israeli” is not a synonym for “Jew.” Arabs need to come to terms with the fact that Israel will not abandon its Jewish identity and commitments” (Yossi Klein Halevi, 2021).

17 May 2021
Yossi Klein Halevi
The New York Times

No Safe Place in Gaza

“It’s immensely complicated working as a journalist ‘when you are living under occupation inside a conflict...This is one of the most difficult’s unbelievable to be here. Gazans are good people, and they deserve a better life’” (David Remnick and Hazem Balousha, 2021).

17 May 2021
David Remnick
The New Yorker

Why Aren’t There More Women Economists at the United Nations?

“The most credentialed women economists are generally underrepresented throughout the workplace, with more than two-thirds of economics doctoral degrees in the United States awarded to men, and only 40 percent of entry-level economists in Europe are women. That disparity shows up in big institutions” (Coloum Lynch, 2021).

17 May 2021
Colum Lynch
Foreign Policy

Don't Take The Narrow View of What's Happening in Gaza

“As always in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, two narratives are vying for primacy...these two narratives are not reconcilable...but any sophisticated argument must contend with the long, winding lead-up to the current crisis. Why is war in Gaza returning now, and why does it always seem to return, with stubborn, periodic insistence?” (Shadi Hamid, 2021).

15 May 2021
Shadi Hamid
The Atlantic
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