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Why So Many Democracies Are Floundering

Political fragmentation is the dispersion of political power into so many different hands and centers of power that it becomes difficult for democratic governments to function effectively.

29 December 2021
Richard H. Pildes

Where Is the Forgiveness and Grace in Cancel Culture?

With King and Archbishop Tutu as our guides, we can reclaim moral ground and preserve our humanity while achieving the highest form of justice possible.

28 December 2021
Michael Eric Dyson

Conservatives and Liberals Are Wrong About Each Other

New research shows that Americans on both sides of the political spectrum overestimate how radical the other side is.

27 December 2021

Colombia Can’t Afford to Abandon Peace

The agreement, reached after four years of painstaking talks, was supposed to address the conflict’s root causes: poverty, brutal inequalities in the countryside and the absence of government services. Its promise remains unfulfilled.

27 December 2021
Carolina Jiménez Sandoval

This Is a Do-or-Die Moment for Chile’s Incoming President

Setting this constitutional project on a firm foundation — or to a “safe harbor,” as he put it on Tuesday — is the key to Mr. Boric’s political legacy. His greatest challenge, beyond making it past his honeymoon with voters and responding to specific demands, will be to show that he’s the president of not just the here and now, but also of Chile’s imminent next founding

24 December 2021
Cristian Farias

Global Democracy by Design?

US President Joe Biden should be applauded for taking the lead on reinvigorating democracy worldwide. But foiling dictators requires not only good intentions but also a strategy based on sound analysis.

23 December 2021

Empowering Healthy, Resilient Hometowns

Mitigating and adapting to climate change require good urban planning, particularly climate-sensitive design. But, despite the need for rapid action, cities like Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, often face high and unnecessary impediments.

21 December 2021

The Faustian Temptation

Whereas Enlightenment thinkers had faith in the linear progress of the human mind, attaining higher states of thinking and behavior may in fact depend in part on extreme events. But this is a far cry from saying that we should deliberately will evil in order to achieve good.

17 December 2021

The Spiritual Space Of Rus Vs. NATO

The Ukraine conflict is as much about a clash of civilizations as security. A messy arrangement to be sure, but better than the illusion that war can settle a battle over spiritual space.

17 December 2021

Bashar al-Assad’s Unlikely Comeback

Regional governments that once shunned Damascus are mending fences with a murderous regime—showing human rights abusers everywhere how to commit atrocities with impunity.

16 December 2021
Bente Scheller
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