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Is Strategic Cooperation with China Possible?

From climate change and rising inequality to the pandemic and the digital revolution, there is ample common ground for rival powers to pursue mutually beneficial forms of collaboration. Unfortunately, the opposite has happened, raising doubts about the current recovery and the world's future health and prosperity.

3 January 2022

Avoiding the Worst in Ukraine and Taiwan

No global structure of peace can be stable and secure unless all parties recognize others' legitimate security interests. If the brewing crises over Ukraine and Taiwan are to be resolved peacefully, the major powers will need to pause and consider the strategic perspectives of the other side.

16 December 2021

Biden’s Democracy Summit Success Now Depends on Allies

U.S. President Joe Biden’s best moment at last week’s Summit for Democracy was when he declared “democracy needs champions” before the most impressive gathering of potential champions of democracy ever assembled. Only the United States could have done this, even with its own recent setbacks on the march toward a better democracy. But if Biden wants to shift from symbolism to what he promised would be a “year in action,” he will need to pass more of the initiative to U.S. allies.

14 December 2021
Michael J. Green

Lifting the Lid on Global Inequality

The reality captured by the World Inequality Report 2022 reflects human choices, which means that it can be changed by making other choices. That is why the report is not just a valuable compendium of useful data and analysis but also a guide to action.

13 December 2021

Europe's Time to Shine

The European Union has long been a prime-mover in environmental and climate policy, as demonstrated by a series of major initiatives launched in recent years. But whether the EU can serve as a global climate leader will depend largely on whether it can overcome domestic resistance to decarbonization and new fiscal rules.

4 December 2021

Developing nations may give up on the WTO for good if it won’t budge on vaccine patents

Covid has shown that the market cannot solve a global crisis. Now countries such as Britain must realise that too

29 November 2021
Nick Dearden

No, Putin Isn’t Trying to Bring Down the West

It’s true that Russia still considers the West to be its chief adversary, but its foreign policy is ever more guided by the need to learn to operate in a world no longer dominated by the West. With the notable exception of Ukraine — control over which seems to be President Vladimir Putin’s very personal and heartfelt goal — the Kremlin is operating cautiously in a world it regards as fractured and complicated.

24 November 2021
Kadri Liik

The Guardian view on vaccine justice: what the world needs now

While some in the west are triple-dosed, the vast majority of health workers in Africa remain unprotected. Gestures won’t close the gulf.

16 November 2021

Which Past is Prologue?

“Although the damage is difficult to measure, the United States has lost much of its moral authority...will the coming decades bring a new Cold War, with China cast as the Soviet Union and the rest of the world picking sides or trying to find a middle ground?” (Margaret MacMillan, 2020).

3 September 2021
Margaret MacMillian
Foreign Affairs

Washington's Democracy Dilemma

“A democracy summit is not a democracy strategy. Translating Biden’s rhetorical emphasis on democracy support into a meaningful plank of his foreign policy will require his team to grapple head-on with several thorny dilemmas” (Brown and Carothers, 2021).

23 July 2021
Frances Z. Brown, Thomas Carothers
Foreign Affairs
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