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Dear progressives: You can’t fight climate change by going soft on China

This article explores how going “soft” on China is not the way that the United States and Progressives should approach climate action on climate change and the environment (Isaac Stone Fish, 2021).

10 July 2021
Isaac Stone Fish
The Washington Post

Nuclear Energy Will Not Be the Solution to Climate Change

“Advocates hope that this renewed focus on nuclear energy will yield technological progress and lower costs. But when it comes to averting the imminent effects of climate change, even the cutting edge of nuclear technology will prove to be too little, too late” (Macfarlane 2021).

8 July 2021
Allison Macfarlane
Foreign Affairs

The West Gets Serious With Lukashenko—but Not Serious Enough

“The West must not fall back into its previous pattern of easing up on sanctions after securing a prisoner release—not least because there are still more than 500 political prisoners in Lukashenko’s prisons, according to the Human Rights Center Viasna” (Kobets and Kramer, 2021).

6 July 2021
Vlad Kobets and David J. Kramer
Foreign Policy

Europe Needs to Clean Up at Home Before Pushing a Green Agenda Abroad

“This generation’s challenge will be reconciling the competing priorities and divergent economic realities of the developed and developing worlds—a challenge that could define the future of the climate crisis” (Magassy 2021).

5 July 2021
Muhammed Magassy
Foreign Policy

China Won’t Bury Us, Either

“It’s a cliché that China’s rise is “unstoppable,”...the corollary is that the world will simply have to acquiesce to its burgeoning list of demands, including its maritime claims to the South China Sea and reunification (if necessary, by force) with Taiwan...but appearances of strength tend to obscure realities of weakness” (Stephens 2021).

5 July 2021
Bret Stephens
The New York Times

Only China Can End Brazil’s Climate Crisis

“Only China Can End Brazil’s Climate Crisis. Deforestation is devastating the Amazon, but Beijing has the political and economic leverage to stop it” (Tahtinen).

1 July 2021
Lauri Tahtinen
Foreign Policy

India Looks West

“A hostile China and the looming US withdrawal from Afghanistan have forced India to rethink its regional strategy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has thus sought to improve relations with Pakistan and engage with the Taliban – and for now, at least, it appears to be making the right moves” (Tharoor 2021).

1 July 2021
Shashi Tharoor
Project Syndicate

The End of Globalization as We Know It

“​​The tension between the unprecedented need for global collective action and a growing aspiration to rebuild political communities behind national borders is a defining challenge for today’s policymakers. And it is currently unclear whether they can reconcile the two agendas” (Pisani-Ferry 2021).

28 June 2021
Jean Pisani- Ferry
Project Syndicate

The Geopolitics of Empathy

An important lesson in geopolitics is “ do this does not require agreeing with their view; it is about grasping how others see a situation and understanding why they are acting as they’s harder to persuade a rival to alter its behavior if you don’t understand its origins” (Stephen M. Walt, 2021).

27 June 2021
Stephen M. Walt
Foreign Policy

Where Did the Coronavirus Come From? What We Already Know Is Troubling.

“While the Chinese government’s obstruction may keep us from knowing for sure whether the virus, SARS-CoV-2, came from the wild directly or through a lab in Wuhan or if genetic experimentation was involved, what we know already is troubling” (Tufekci 2021).

25 June 2021
Zeynep Tufekci
The New York Times
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