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Covid has made inequality even worse. The only answer: squeeze the super-rich

“​​Political economists on both the left and the right are coming to the conclusion that the gap between rich and poor countries, as well as between rich and poor people, is destabilising and dangerous to democracy” (Simon Jenkins, 2021).

26 January 2021
Simon Jenkins
The Guardian

The Intentional Precarity Of Gig Work In America

“​​That feeling of not knowing whether a night’s work will cover your bills is a common one among gig workers in America. Though it’s difficult to count the exact number of gig workers, they make up a growing share of the workforce” (Hillel Aron, 2021).

26 January 2021
Hillel Arron
Noema Magazine

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

What President Franklin D. Roosevelt knew “-and what those contending with the United States’ contemporary difficulties would do well to remember—was that the biggest mistake one can make in a crisis is not to do too much. It is to not do enough” (Meg Jacobs, 2021).

23 January 2021
Meg Jacobs
Foreign Affairs

What is the link between economic crises and political ruptures?

“​​When do economic crises have destabilising political effects?...The question seems pertinent again, given the economic and social trauma caused by the covid-19 pandemic” (The Economist, 2021).

21 January 2021
The Economist

Why stop at selling? A provocation for mission-led businesses

This article focuses on the benefits of “mission-led business” and how it can build a more equitable and sustainable economy. (Holtaway, 2021).

20 January 2021
Oliver Holtaway
New Citizenship Project

What's Wrong with the Way We Work

“Americans work more hours than their counterparts in peer nations, including France and Germany, and many work more than fifty hours a week. Real wages declined for the rank and file in the nineteen-seventies, as did the percentage of Americans who belong to unions, which may be a related development” (Jill Lepore, 2021).

18 January 2021
Jill Lepore
The New Yorker

Europe’s China Gambit

“The new EU-China agreement underscores a fundamental question of the post-pandemic world order: How should strategic and economic relations between major powers with very different institutional and political arrangements be managed? Can democracies remain true to their values while engaging in trade and investment with China?” (Dani Rodrik, 2021).

11 January 2021
Dani Rodrik
Project Syndicate

The Big Bounce-Back?

“Following the 2008 financial crisis, many policymakers failed to focus sufficiently on securing robust, inclusive, and sustainable long-term growth. To avoid repeating this mistake in 2021 as the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, governments must act early and decisively in three areas” (Mohamed A. El-Erian, 2021).

8 January 2021
Mohamed A. El-Erian
Project Syndicate

Political Finance Reforms

“This report contributes to the discussion of the future of political finance by exploring...trends, opportunities and challenges related to money in politics that need to be taken into consideration when improving political finance systems” (Hamada and Agrawal, 2020).

18 December 2020
Yukihiko Hamada and Khushbu Agrawal

Activist CEOS are focusing on the bottom line

“US corporate leaders have been on the political front lines all this year, taking positions on Covid-19 lockdowns, supporting Black Lives Matter protests, calling for acceptance of the presidential election results and continuing to push for increased diversity in company leadership” (Brooke Masters, 2020).

16 December 2020
Brook Masters
Financial Times
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