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Our Events

From the Athens Democracy Forum and Art for Tomorrow Talks to smaller, topical events.

Library of democratic content

Our curated library is packed full of knowledge, know-how and best practices in the fields of democracy and culture. Read the latest on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and other critical world…

Who we are

The Democracy and Culture Foundation aims to empower society through citizen engagement and better governance. Our headquarters are in London, with an office in Athens.  Our small…

What we do

Empower society through citizen engagement and better governance

Who we work with

We partner with leading global institutions to expand our reach and relevance, and to use our combined expertise and networks  to deliver impact.  These partnerships will help us to use…

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Find out how you can get involved in our work

Our mission and vision

Our Foundation has a small team of experts focused on bringing our important work to life.


With a genesis at the New York Times, the Athens Democracy Forum and Art for Tomorrow went into the fold of the Foundation, which was set up to turn solutions into action.

The DCF Team

The Foundation team comprises nine people in total, with vast experience in leadership, editorial, fundraising and more.

Board of Governors

The Foundation's work is overseen by a Board of Governors, which sets overall policy and objectives and establishes the Foundation’s set of ethical values.