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Let’s End the Covid Blame Games

Finger pointing is pointless, divisive and dumb. Let’s stop imputing bad faith or recklessness or greed to our partisan opponents. They have loved ones who are just as much at risk of infection as our own.

30 November 2021
Bret Stephens

Developing nations may give up on the WTO for good if it won’t budge on vaccine patents

Covid has shown that the market cannot solve a global crisis. Now countries such as Britain must realise that too

29 November 2021
Nick Dearden

The Drums of War in Taiwan and Ukraine

In their rhetoric as well as in their military investment, training, and deployment decisions, China and Russia have both clearly signaled their aggressive strategic intentions. The task now is to ensure that their misguided militarism does not upend longstanding security arrangements in East Asia and Europe.

25 November 2021

Can Ethiopia avert deepening turmoil and prioritise peace?

To achieve peace, both sides in Ethiopia’s conflict will need to accept some difficult truths.

25 November 2021
Ahmed Soliman

No, Putin Isn’t Trying to Bring Down the West

It’s true that Russia still considers the West to be its chief adversary, but its foreign policy is ever more guided by the need to learn to operate in a world no longer dominated by the West. With the notable exception of Ukraine — control over which seems to be President Vladimir Putin’s very personal and heartfelt goal — the Kremlin is operating cautiously in a world it regards as fractured and complicated.

24 November 2021
Kadri Liik

Spending as if the Future Matters

Public investment, including spending on children, is a worthy American tradition.

23 November 2021
Paul Krugman

There’s a brutal conflict in Ethiopia. My family there ask: why does no one hear us?

People in Tigray are crying out for the world’s help, as war has left them starving and fearing for their lives.

22 November 2021
Magdalene Abraha

Is Sudan the Next Libya?

Whereas the conflict in Libya has done little to erode stability in the Maghreb, a war in Sudan would upend a precarious regional order in the Horn of Africa. To prevent such an outcome, the U.S. must make ensuring the return of civilian leadership in Sudan a high priority.

22 November 2021
Shlomo Ben- Ami

Just Because You Don’t Believe in Conspiracy Theories Doesn’t Mean You’re Always Right

From the Salem witch trials to the Astroworld disaster, conspiracy theories and reformist narratives have battled for dominance in the American consciousness.

21 November 2021
Adrian J. Rivera

Economists and Epidemiologists Need to Get Along

A new project tries to bring the bickering sides together.

19 November 2021
Peter Coy
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