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Can Ethiopia avert deepening turmoil and prioritise peace?

To achieve peace, both sides in Ethiopia’s conflict will need to accept some difficult truths.

No, Putin Isn’t Trying to Bring Down the West

It’s true that Russia still considers the West to be its chief adversary, but its foreign policy is ever more guided by the need to learn to operate in a world no longer dominated by the West. With…

The Age of the Creative Minority

Here are four ways to think about your group identity.

Spending as if the Future Matters

Public investment, including spending on children, is a worthy American tradition.

Why We Need Space Ethicists

We have the opportunity to make our way into this untrammeled territory with an attitude of reverence and cautious discovery-making, not conquest and claims-making.

There’s a brutal conflict in Ethiopia. My family there ask: why does no one hear us?

People in Tigray are crying out for the world’s help, as war has left them starving and fearing for their lives.

Is Sudan the Next Libya?

Whereas the conflict in Libya has done little to erode stability in the Maghreb, a war in Sudan would upend a precarious regional order in the Horn of Africa. To prevent such an outcome, the U.S.…

Just Because You Don’t Believe in Conspiracy Theories Doesn’t Mean You’re Always Right

From the Salem witch trials to the Astroworld disaster, conspiracy theories and reformist narratives have battled for dominance in the American consciousness.

Train the Police to Keep the Peace, Not Turn a Profit

A Times investigation sheds light on an unjust practice.

Europe Made a Deadly Bargain With Autocrats. Here’s What Happened.

The chaos at the Belarus-Poland border is partly of the European Union’s making.