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Don’t Tell Anyone, but 2021 Was Pretty Amazing

There’s a good chance that once time has passed and we’ve had a chance to regain perspective, we’ll consider 2021 to have been a very good year, at least in some ways. In particular, although nobody seemed to notice, it was a year of spectacular economic recovery

4 January 2022
Paul Krugman

The Missing Data in the Inflation Debate

With inflation growing at its fastest rate in decades, economists are locked in a debate over whether it stems from too much stimulus or from temporary, pandemic-induced supply-chain pressures. Less discussed are the ways that the pain of inflation may not be shared equally.

30 December 2021
Austan Goolsbee

Fighting Inflation Means Taking On Corporations

As Mr. Biden leans on big businesses to temper rising prices, he also needs to push hard for policies that have a much greater impact than fluctuations in gas or meat prices: His stalled Build Back Better legislation would go a long way to ease the burden of major expenses.

24 December 2021
Meg Jacobs

What We Lose if We Don’t Build Back Better

What I do know is that there will be huge human and, yes, economic costs if Biden’s moderate but crucial spending plans fall by the wayside.

20 December 2021
Paul Krugman

Can We Trust What’s Happening to Money?

It’s not just about the demise of coins and dollar bills. It’s also about society’s faith in the very idea of money.

13 December 2021
Peter Coy

The Conservative Central Banker Returns

The European Central Bank and the US Federal Reserve’s new monetary-policy strategies now look like a case of adapting the general staff manual to fight the last war. The recent sharp increase in inflation on both sides of the Atlantic means that central bankers must again concentrate on their traditional task.

9 December 2021

Fossil Fuel’s Downfall Could Be America’s Too

How U.S. polluters might drag the country’s economy down with them.

3 December 2021
Adam Tooze

The End of the Economic Consensus

Whereas the shock of the COVID-19 pandemic initially prompted unity and convergence in Europe, the current phase of the crisis is much more delicate economically and politically. If mismanaged, it may reopen old wounds and shatter policymakers’ newly acquired legitimacy.

29 November 2021

The Keys to Inclusive Growth

One of the COVID-19 pandemic’s most important economic lessons is that innovation and inclusion need not be mutually exclusive. By pursuing the right policies, Western governments can promote both and thereby help to bring about a dynamic and equitable recovery.

25 November 2021

Train the Police to Keep the Peace, Not Turn a Profit

A Times investigation sheds light on an unjust practice.

20 November 2021
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