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Biden Is Back, but America Isn’t

“China's leaders clearly understand the critical importance of trade linkages to their country's global clout. Unfortunately, US President Joe Biden's administration needs to relearn that lesson” (Bilt 2021).

21 June 2021
Carl Bildt
Project Syndicate

We Don’t Need the G7

The G7’s “recent summit in Cornwall should be its last. Political leaders need to stop devoting their energy to an exercise that is unrepresentative of today’s global economy and results in a near-complete disconnect between stated aims and the means adopted to achieve them” (Jeffrey D. Sachs, 2021).

16 June 2021
Jeffrey D. Sachs
Project Syndicate

The Logic of Effective Climate Action

“The starting point for addressing climate change, economists agree, is a tax on carbon. But while the resulting reduction in emissions would benefit virtually everyone on the planet, those who bear a disproportionate share of the costs will mobilize in opposition – that is, unless they are given a reason not to” (Eichengreen 2021).

15 June 2021
Barry Eichengreen
Project Syndicate

How Human Nature Can Combat Climate Change

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that we will conquer the virus by focusing on a common goal, cooperating, and allowing people the freedom to innovate. We will overcome the threat of global warming the same way” (Alexander De Croo, 2021).

14 June 2021
Alexander De Croo
Project Syndicate

When Sanctions Violate Human Rights

This report examines how sanctions can violate human rights, particularly when states employ little transparency, and develops recommendations to prevent against human rights abuses committed through sanctions by nation-states.

11 June 2021
Peter Piatetsky, Julian Vasilkoski
Atlantic Council Geoeconomics Center

Securing Supplies: How to Prevent Another Covid-19 Breakdown

According to AEI,, “the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the vulnerability of global supply chains during crises”, and it is impossible for any contemporary liberal democracy to build “all its needs domestically.” The report highlights that “governments must work with the private sector to exercise crisis scenarios”. (AEI, June 2021).

11 June 2021
Elisabeth Braw
American Enterprise Institute

What Is the Point of the Olympics?

“Tokyo in 2021 surely doesn’t need the Olympic Games. And yet, even during a pandemic, the Olympic army marches on, upholding its only ideal: making enormous amounts of money for itself, for sponsors, for property developers, and sometimes for corrupt politicians” (Buruma 2021).

10 June 2021
Ian Buruma
Project Syndicate

Biden’s Great Game

“Considered in isolation, some of the Biden administration's recent decisions on sanctions and transatlantic diplomacy may seem overly accommodating. But looming over everything – including Biden's upcoming European tour – is the pursuit of a united Western policy to deal with an increasingly aggressive China” (Krauss 2021).

3 June 2021
Melvyn B. Krauss
Project Syndicate

The Sudden Rise of the Coronavirus Lab-Leak Theory

“Scientists and political commentators are no longer dismissing the possibility that COVID-19 emerged from a Chinese laboratory. What changed?” (Benjamin Wallace-Wells, 2021).

27 May 2021
Benjamin Wallace-Wells
The New Yorker

Biden and Moon Are Getting North Korea Wrong

“Mr. Biden’s and Mr. Moon’s approach to the North Korean nuclear crisis is doomed to failure because it effectively places Mr. Kim in charge of nonproliferation negotiations. Thirty years of dealing with the Kim family should have taught us that Pyongyang uses talks only for diplomatic cover in its race to build an ever more powerful arsenal” (Eberstadt 2021).

26 May 2021
Nicholas Eberstadt
The New York Times
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