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Green Markets Won’t Save Us

“Although markets are uniquely powerful mechanisms for conveying information and altering behavior, they are ultimately social systems that rest on incomplete and ever-shifting foundations. That makes them an unreliable guide for navigating a problem as large and complex as climate change” (Katharina Pistor, 2021).

16 March 2021
Katharina Pistor
Project Syndicate

How the WTO Changed China

“By most accounts...China’s economic model has not turned toward market liberalism since 2001 but instead consolidated into a form of state capitalism that Beijing hopes to export globally. WTO membership...has allowed China access to the American and other global economies without forcing it to truly change its behavior” (Yeling Tan, 2021).

11 March 2021
Yeling Tan
Foreign Affairs

How Economists and Non-Economists Can Get Along

“Understanding the advantages and limitations of economists’ methods clarifies the value they can add to analysis of non-economic questions. Equally important, it underscores how economists’ approach can complement but never replace alternative, often qualitative methods used in other scholarly disciplines” (Dani Rodrick, 2021).

9 March 2021
Dani Rodrik
Project Syndicate

Evolution, Not Revolution, in Economics

“A growing acceptance of aggressive fiscal policy is supposed to be the first principle of a new, post-revolutionary regime in macroeconomics. But the only genuine conceptual change in the decade since the global financial crisis has come from efforts to explain when and why "unconventional" monetary policy works” (Andrés Velasco, 2021).

26 February 2021
Andres Velasco
Project Syndicate

Growth Is Not Enough

“With an abundance of important and sometimes surprising findings from studies of socioeconomic interventions in recent decades, it is clear that development in the absence of evidence-based policymaking is a fool's errand. The small details matter as much as – and sometimes more than – the economic big picture” (Dhaliwal and Friedlander, 2021).

19 February 2021
Iqbal Dhaliwal, Samantha Friedlander
Project Syndicate

Democracy Is Weakening Right in Front of Us

“A decade ago, the consensus was that the digital revolution would give effective voice to millions of previously unheard citizens. Now... the consensus has shifted to anxiety that online behemoths... have created a crisis of knowledge — confounding what is true and what is untrue — eroding the foundations of democracy” (Thomas B. Edsall, 2021).

17 February 2021
Thomas B. Edsall

Emerging Economies Have a New Imperative

“​​The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies and governments around the world to reconsider long-held assumptions about economic-development strategies. Nowhere is this reckoning more urgent than in export-oriented emerging economies, which now must focus on supply-chain resilience on top of everything else” ( Woetzel and Krishnan, 2021).

11 February 2021
Jonathan Woetzel, Mekala Krishnan
Project Syndicate

Democracy Doesn’t Always Happen Over Night: Regime Change in Stages and Economic Growth

This paper analyses “the idea that democratic regime change is not a discrete event but a two-stage process: (1), autocracies enter into an ‘episode’ of political liberalization which can last for years or even decades; (2), the ultimate outcome of the episode manifests itself and a nation undergoes regime change or not" (Henrik Knutsen, 2021).

11 February 2021
Carl Henrik Knutsen
V-Dem Institute

Restoring Nature to Economics

“Human economic activity makes extensive use of the ecosystem services nature provides, but these barely feature in measurements of GDP. It is vital to restore nature to economic analysis and policy before the damage to the natural world – and thus to everybody’s standard of living – becomes irreparable” (Diane Coyle, 2021).

10 February 2021
Diana Coyle
Project Syndicate

Reimagining the Platform Economy

“Today's digital economy has grown up around a business model of data and wealth extraction, confounding traditional antitrust paradigms and undermining the public and social value that otherwise could be derived from technological innovation. The state can redress these problems, but only if it reclaims its proper role” (Mazzucato et. al., 2021).

5 February 2021
Marianna Mazzucato, Rainer Kattel, Tim O'Reilly, Josh Entsminger
Project Syndicate
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