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A World of Mounting Disarray

From climate change to public health to geopolitical rivalry and the security of cyberspace, the gap between global challenges and responses is large and growing. And the resources needed to turn…

Don’t Tell Anyone, but 2021 Was Pretty Amazing

There’s a good chance that once time has passed and we’ve had a chance to regain perspective, we’ll consider 2021 to have been a very good year, at least in some ways. In particular, although nobody…

One Single Day. That’s All It Took for the World to Look Away From Us.

The Jan. 6 attack on Congress by a mob inspired by former President Donald Trump marked an ominous precedent for U.S. politics. Not since the Civil War had the country failed to effect a peaceful…

Why Democrats Are So Bad at Defending Democracy

When it comes to elections, the Republican Party operates within a carapace of lies. So we rely on the Democrats to preserve our system of government. The problem is that Democrats live within their…

What Putin Really Wants

In recent years, Mr. Putin has successfully revived Russia’s tradition of one-man rule by amending the Constitution, rewriting history and clamping down on the opposition. Now he seeks to provide the…

Conservatives and Liberals Are Wrong About Each Other

New research shows that Americans on both sides of the political spectrum overestimate how radical the other side is.

The Myth of Tribalism

Beware of the false notion that group solidarity leads inevitably to conflict.

3 Reasons Nuclear Power Has Returned to the Energy Debate

If we believed our own rhetoric about the climate crisis, support for nuclear would be much higher.

To Safeguard Sudan’s Democratic Transition, Act Now

Abdalla Hamdok’s resignation has sparked a constitutional crisis. Only international support can keep the country’s democratization on track.

Why We Need Space Ethicists

We have the opportunity to make our way into this untrammeled territory with an attitude of reverence and cautious discovery-making, not conquest and claims-making.