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The Faustian Temptation

Whereas Enlightenment thinkers had faith in the linear progress of the human mind, attaining higher states of thinking and behavior may in fact depend in part on extreme events. But this is a far cry…

The Spiritual Space Of Rus Vs. NATO

The Ukraine conflict is as much about a clash of civilizations as security. A messy arrangement to be sure, but better than the illusion that war can settle a battle over spiritual space.

Bashar al-Assad’s Unlikely Comeback

Regional governments that once shunned Damascus are mending fences with a murderous regime—showing human rights abusers everywhere how to commit atrocities with impunity.

Avoiding the Worst in Ukraine and Taiwan

No global structure of peace can be stable and secure unless all parties recognize others' legitimate security interests. If the brewing crises over Ukraine and Taiwan are to be resolved peacefully,…

Biden’s Democracy Summit Success Now Depends on Allies

U.S. President Joe Biden’s best moment at last week’s Summit for Democracy was when he declared “democracy needs champions” before the most impressive gathering of potential champions of democracy…

Lifting the Lid on Global Inequality

The reality captured by the World Inequality Report 2022 reflects human choices, which means that it can be changed by making other choices. That is why the report is not just a valuable compendium…

Independent Journalism Is at Risk. Here’s How to Save It.

It will take more than speeches — or indeed Nobel prizes — to save independent journalism.

Can We Trust What’s Happening to Money?

It’s not just about the demise of coins and dollar bills. It’s also about society’s faith in the very idea of money.

Why Do We Ignore How the Other Half Lives?

Confined to our own bubbles, we are less informed about people who lead entirely different cultural, social and political lives.

We’re Edging Closer to Civil War

I see too many uneasy parallels between what was happening nearly 200 years ago and what is happening now over abortion.