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Conservatives and Liberals Are Wrong About Each Other

New research shows that Americans on both sides of the political spectrum overestimate how radical the other side is.

The Myth of Tribalism

Beware of the false notion that group solidarity leads inevitably to conflict.

3 Reasons Nuclear Power Has Returned to the Energy Debate

If we believed our own rhetoric about the climate crisis, support for nuclear would be much higher.

To Safeguard Sudan’s Democratic Transition, Act Now

Abdalla Hamdok’s resignation has sparked a constitutional crisis. Only international support can keep the country’s democratization on track.

Why We Need Space Ethicists

We have the opportunity to make our way into this untrammeled territory with an attitude of reverence and cautious discovery-making, not conquest and claims-making.

What Tech Futurists Get Wrong About Human Autonomy

A specter is haunting our technological imaginaries: the specter of autonomy. The problem is that we can’t quite decide from what or for whom.

Long Live Participatory Socialism!

I used to believe socialism was a failed idea. But then capitalism went too far. Now, I believe we need a socialism that is decentralized, federal and democratic, ecological, multiracial and…

The Dark Side Of Meritocracy

What began as a principle that seemed to offer an alternative to inequality has become instead a justification for inequality.

The Spiritual Space Of Rus Vs. NATO

The Ukraine conflict is as much about a clash of civilizations as security. A messy arrangement to be sure, but better than the illusion that war can settle a battle over spiritual space.

The Faustian Temptation

Whereas Enlightenment thinkers had faith in the linear progress of the human mind, attaining higher states of thinking and behavior may in fact depend in part on extreme events. But this is a far cry…