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The Kremlin’s Gas Wars

ith the right steps, Brussels can implement such a strategy promptly and in an economically feasible manner. But it will need to act quickly. If it fails to do so, the European Union could face a…

Why Vladimir Putin has already lost this war

The Russians may yet conquer Ukraine. But Ukrainians have shown in the past few days that they will not let them hold it

By Crossing The Line In Ukraine, Putin Fortifies It Everywhere Else

Clearly, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a defining moment in history. What that definition will be remains unclear. All bets are off if Russian nukes enter the picture.

As I Write, President Zelensky Is Beside Me. Please, Help Us Show Putin the Mistake He Has Made.

In launching a war on our country, President Vladimir Putin claimed Russia would “de-Nazify” and free Ukraine. But Ukraine — a nation that lost as many as eight million lives in World War II, a…

What Does Defending Europe Mean?

Europe's double standard on refugees, exposed yet again by the war in Ukraine, is morally deaf and geopolitically dumb. The best way Europe can defend itself is to persuade other countries that it…

The Week That Awoke the World

Over the last several years, that famous poem has been quoted countless times: “The centre cannot hold,” William Butler Yeats wrote, before adding, “The best lack all conviction, while the worst /…

It’s time to ask: what would a Ukraine-Russia peace deal look like?

If the Russians are ever to withdraw, then a diplomatic agreement on the terms of withdrawal will be necessary. So what should the demands be?

I’ve Dealt With Foreign Cyberattacks. America Isn’t Ready for What’s Coming.

Russia’s war on Ukraine might be that “future emergency.” If we don’t want to have to worry about Russian hackers contaminating our drinking water every time we turn on the faucet, now is the time to…

The West must now look outward and inward

The divide between the Global North and the Global South has now been shown to be conceptually naïve, economically unreliable, and politically dangerous. Democracy is now more in danger in the places…

Don’t Cede the Space Race to China and the Billionaires

Exploration and the pursuit of knowledge, have always paid dividends in the long run — usually far greater than anything expected at the outset. Why bother? This is why.