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The migration project seeks to create a seamless humane environment for children and young people as they integrate into new societies.



We mobilise tomorrow’s climate leaders by creating forums for intergenerational exchange.

Teens for Democracy

Teens for Democracy

Empowering teens to be global citizens

How Facebook Fuels Religious Violence

Facebook, as well as other social media platforms looking to expand globally, must make curbing hate speech abroad a higher priority. It’s time for the company to adopt a meaningful and…

Wealth Inequality Is the Highest Since World War II

During the pandemic, for example, we know that government benefits helped the poor, while stimulative monetary policy pushed up stock prices and benefited the rich in particular. The Berkeley…

The Other Threat to Democracy

Writing in the second century BC, the Greek historian Polybius described a process that is all too familiar today. Politicians use cheap gifts and seductive talk to attract voters who don’t…

Haiti’s Fight for Democracy

Many observers look at Haiti and see failure. It’s a testament to how much has gone wrong, both long ago and much more recently. But there is reason to hope that this enduring and complicated crisis…

Big Tech Must Stop Hiding

A major reason why Big Tech firms have achieved such scale and become the gatekeepers to entire markets is that they have been able to obscure most of their financial and operating data. There are…

I Worked at Facebook. It’s Not Ready for This Year’s Election Wave.

The world is not ready for the coming electoral tsunami. Neither is Facebook. With so many elections on the horizon — France, Kenya, Australia, Brazil, the Philippines and the United States will hold…

The Next Global Order Will Challenge Western Values

Instead of trying to make an unaccommodating world in its image, a post-hegemonic West should seek to fortify a model that others want to emulate.