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We have curated a selection of reports, articles and reflections on issues relating to democracy and culture.

Reflections Series: Democracy and the Virus

We asked some of the speakers from past and future editions of the Athens Democracy Forum for their thoughts on how democracy is being impacted by Covid-19.  Read their pieces below.

What we're reading

We have curated an extensive list of articles and reports covering democracy and cultural issues, and have included some of the most relevant below.  

Kishore Mahbubani:

Where the West Went Wrong

Archbishop Nikitas:

Religion in a Time of Crisis

Luca Belgiorno-Nettis:

Innovation in Democracy

Nathan Gardels:

The Future is Wide Open

‘I’m Haunted by What I Did’ as a Lawyer in the Trump Justice Department
Erica Newland, The New York Times

Together, The U.S. And China Can Reduce The Risks From AI

Fu Ying and John Allen, Noema Magazine​, Noema

Facebook is a Doomsday Machine
Adrienne LaFrance, The Atlantic

The Cost of Merkel's Surrender to Hungarian and Polish Extortion

George Soros, Project Syndicate

A Chance to Repair the Cracks in Our Democracy

Joseph Stiglitz, The New York Times

A Return to Decency

Roger Cohen, The New York Times

How Venture Capitalists Are Deforming Capitalism

Charles Duhigg, The New Yorker

How to Save Democracy from Technology

Francis Fukuyama, Barak Richman, and Ashish Goel, Foreign Affairs

When the World Seems Like One Big Conspiracy

Yuval Noah Harari, The New York Times


Democracies Must Team Up to Take on China in the Technosphere

The Economist


Surveillance Capitalism Wasn't Built by Powerful Companies Alone
Anouk Ruhaak, Center for International Governance Innovation

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